ECG introduces new audio devices

Internet radio and many other functions for comfortable listening. If you like listening to music or the spoken word, we have great news for you. We’ve just launched new audio devices for everyone to enjoy this hobby. These devices are able to play Internet and classic radio stations and offer several additional practical functions. You […]

Discover the Magic of Slow Cooking

Here at ECG we love good food, and we’ve come to love slow cooking. That’s why we’re expanding our selection with 2 slow cookers. If you haven’t heard of slow cooking yet, it is an approach to cooking that brings a whole array of benefits. Slow cooking gives meals a richer taste and better nutritional value. And […]

ECG introduces two new air purifier models

Clean air is essential for health and comfort, however, with increasing levels of industrial emissions, smoke, allergens and other pollutants in the air, air purification is becoming an increasingly important factor for health and comfort. These harmful substances can lead to allergies, asthma and other health problems, which is why more and more people are […]

ECG FORZA kitchen robots enter the market

ECG presents a new range of kitchen robots. They carry the FORZA label and, with their equipment, performance and design, they loudly claim the attention of all enthusiastic chefs. The family of ECG kitchen appliances grew by three new members. We’ve just launched a brand-new line of kitchen robots that have the potential to take […]

You can also use the new ECG coffee grinder on the road

Introducing the new ECG wireless coffee grinder. It is called KM 150 Minimo, it is waiting for you in two colour variants and thanks to its smaller dimensions it is ideal for travel. Imagine a device that allows you to enjoy the taste and aroma of freshly ground coffee not only at home or in a cafe, […]

Did you know that air conditioning can help allergy sufferers and asthmatics?

There is no need to talk about the fact that the air conditioning will ensure a pleasant cooling on hot days. But did you know that it can also bring relief for allergy sufferers or asthmatics? Acquiring air conditioning does not have to be just an investment in thermal comfort. This type of device can […]

ECG cordless vacuum cleaners – New partners for regular cleaning

Invite helpers into your home with whom regular cleaning is a breeze. The ECG brand has just introduced four new cordless vacuum cleaners to help you tidy up faster, easier and more comfortably.   All four vacuum cleaners, which have recently enriched the ECG home appliance portfolio, have one thing in common. These are cordless […]

You can make a great steak tartare or burger yourself with ECG meat grinders

ECG meat grinders

Introducing the ECG meat grinders These are handy kitchen helpers with which you can easily prepare a base for honest-to-goodness homemade sausages, meatloaf and meatballs. We are greatly honored that we can introduce you to the brand new members of the ECG kitchen appliances family. We are talking here about a pair of electric meat […]

ECG weather station provides reliable weather information

The new ECG weather stations will make you a real weather expert. Get one of them in the living room and be informed about temperature, humidity and many other data. Three new models of meteorological stations have just been added to the ECG brand portfolio. Therefore, let us briefly introduce them to you and show […]

Say goodbye to changing bags in the vacuum cleaner

Introducing a pair of new ECG vacuum cleaners that make cleaning the house so much easier. These modern appliances do not need a dust bag during operation.       You know how it is. During the endless cycle of home cleaning, the bag in the vacuum cleaner always fills up sooner than you expect. […]

Coffee maker ECG ESP 20501 – A delight for coffee lovers

Espresso machine ECG ESP 20501 Iron web news

Do you like the smell of perfectly made coffee and do you love its taste? Then the brand-new ECG ESP 20501 Iron has been created just for you. ECG ESP 20501 Iron is a hot new product in the portfolio of kitchen appliances of our brand. This is an advanced coffee machine with which you […]

Hot air fryers as a way to healthier meals

Crispy french fries, delicious chicken and even spring rolls – these are just a handful of dishes that you can prepare easily, quickly and in a healthy way with the help of a hot air fryer. The times when fryers were a symbol of unhealthy eating are gone. In recent time the words hot air […]

ECG celebrates 25 years. The brand started with microwaves.

The ECG brand is celebrating 25 years in the market. It started with microwaves and today offers whatever you can think of. You may have wondered what is actually behind the three letters that make up the ECG name. This is not some complicated puzzle or cipher. On the contrary. ECG stands for Electronic Consumer […]

How to hang a TV on the wall? Only with a TV mount

Do you want to hang your TV on the wall? Then you can’t do without a suitable TV mount. You can find out what the options are and what to choose from in the following lines.   Where to put the TV? In the past, people in most households placed their television on one of […]

It works best under pressure

Modern cooking in a pressure cooker ECG MHT 1661 Pressione Nuovo. Delicious beef goulash is a traditional Czech dish that requires a traditional way of preparation. In practice, this means that the preparation of this type of food also requires time. It is these dishes that are best and faster prepared in pressure cookers. However, […]

Humidifier: a device that helps you breathe freely

Did you know that humidity has a major impact not only on your health and sleep quality, but also your mood? In the indoor environment, its value should be between 40 and 60 %. However, if the humidity in your home or office is lower, you do not have to despair. All you have to do […]

The ECG DS 1010 disinfectant sprayer ensures proper hand hygiene

At a time when coronavirus infection is lurking at literally every corner, each of us can help to improve the situation with a few simple things. We should keep social distance, wear face masks and ensure consistent hand hygiene. The latest in the ECG product family can help you with the latter – the ECG […]

Handles beard and intimate parts trimming

Do you long for a perfectly groomed beard? In that case, you are guaranteed to be thrilled by another novelty from the ECG brand. The ZH 1321 trimmer adapts to your stubble and embellishes the look of your beard to perfection. At the same time, it handles various lengths of cuts, classic shaving, and even […]

A smarter level of watching. ECG enters the world of Smart TV

The historically first line of ECG smart TVs is here. Meet devices that can become multifunctional platform of your home entertainment. You can look forward to a great picture, elegant design, but most importantly to a slew of smart functions and technologies thanks to which you can enjoy audiovisual entertainment exactly matching your taste. The […]

We enjoy grilling!

You will be a star with the new grill KG 1000 Gourmet. Juicy steak prepared on your home grill is nothing unusual nowadays. Grilled meat, vegetables and other specialities are more and more prepared at home and in quality that often rivals good restaurants. Many of us already own a grill and start the grilling season […]