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How to hang a TV on the wall? Only with a TV mount

How to hang a TV on the wall? Only with a TV mount

Do you want to hang your TV on the wall? Then you can’t do without a suitable TV mount. You can find out what the options are and what to choose from in the following lines.


Where to put the TV?

In the past, people in most households placed their television on one of the living room shelves. In modern interiors, however, we rarely come across anything like that. Hanging television on the wall is far more common (using a special TV mount). Do you know when this shift took place and why does this solution make perfect sense?

We must be aware that the practice of placing televisions on furniture shelves was common in the days of old CRT televisions. That means devices that were very large despite the smaller diagonal of the image – their depth was so great that the TV in the living room wall actually took up the entire space of one large shelf.

However, with the advent of modern flat screen TVs this problem has disappeared. Basically, the devices where we watch news, sports and movies have changed significantly. In addition to offering a larger and higher quality image, it also significantly reduced its depth. The depth of today’s televisions is in the order of a few centimetres.

Inserting televisions into large shelves in living room walls therefore lacks logic. Doing so would waste a lot of storage space unnecessarily. Behind the thin television, standing on the edge of the shelf, there will be an unused space, which will soon become a mere dust collector. And the same thing actually happens even if you place the television on a chest of drawers, a cabinet or even a special TV table. Not to mention that when attaching the TV to the wall using a mount, you don’t really need any background furniture – you can watch the TV even in a completely unfurnished room.

Mounting the TV on the wall simply seems to be nowadays the best solution. It has a number of advantages. Beside the fact that it does not require any stand and does not take up space in your home it will also provide you with the best conditions for watching your favorite shows.

How to hang a TV on the wall? Only with a TV mount

Types of TV mounts

To hang the TV on the wall you need a special TV mount, which you must buy separately (only legs are included in the package as a classic stand).

There are 3 basic types of TV mounts:

1) Fixed
(cannot be repositioned – in what position you attach the TV to the wall it will remain so)
2) Tilt (can be positioned up and down)
3) Swivel (you can use it to position the TV in all directions)

Fixed TV mounts do not offer much flexibility, but they are the cheapest and take up the least space. However, the tilt mounts are also space-saving and can also be partially positioned (up and down). Swivel mounts require more space, but you can tilt or rotate the TV in various directions.

Universal standard VESA

Today’s televisions are already adapted from the factory for wall mounting. There are special screw holes on their back sides which are used to mount the TV on the wall using the TV mount.

The distance between the screw holes is standardized. It is the VESA standard – size information, which has the format X mm × Y mm (horizontal distance between holes times vertical distance between holes).

This standard will make it much easier for you to choose the right TV mount. All you have to do is to make sure that the mount has the same VESA value as your TV.

How to hang a TV on the wall? Only with a TV mount

How to choose a suitable TV mount

Whether you decide to buy a fixed, tilt or swivel TV mount, you should know a few basic facts about your television.

First of all, find out how much your TV weighs. Its weight needs to be compared with the load capacity of the mount, which indicates what load the device can carry. The weight of the TV must of course be lower than the load capacity of the mount.

Further, check the compatibility of the TV with the mount using the VESA standard (see above). The value of this parameter must match for both devices. If you’re not sure about this with your TV, you’ll find it easily – just take an ordinary tape measure and measure the spacing of the screw holes located on the back of the TV. Most mounts support several VESA standards so there is a lot to choose from in this respect (TV mount ECG LD 174203 e.g. is compatible with VESA standard from 75×75 to 200×200).

Last but not least, the diagonal of your TV plays an important role in selecting a TV mount. Each mount should also have a specified range of supported diagonals (e.g. you can use the mount ECG LD 174202 with TVs whose diagonal is 17 – 42 inches).


How to hang a TV on the wall? Only with a TV mount
tv mounts

Bet on ECG

The ECG brand has prepared for their customers 5 high quality TV mounts, from which everyone can select. In all cases, in addition to the mount itself, the installation accessories are also included in the package, so that you have available everything you need.

In addition, you will find in our portfolio advanced models of mounts that meet really demanding requirements. We can mention e.g. the ECG LD 326501 TV mount, which excels in an above-standard load capacity – carries up to 75 kg. We can also recommend the ECG LD 174201 mount, which would please you by its wonderful flexibility. It is retractable, rotating and also tilting. And you will certainly appreciate the fact that some of our mounts (e.g. ECG LD 326001) have also a special space for elegant cable storage.

Simply, if you have decided to hang your TV on the wall, you have come to the right place at ECG. Get a suitable TV mount from us and start watching TV in all comfort.

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