Attractive products available for everybody

Our strategy is to satisfy our customers. We develop electronics and home appliances considering current requirements of our customers. We listen to consumers and continuously improve our products to deliver what is expected of them, some in the role of a domestic helper, some as a multimedia companion. Our goal is to offer consumers user-friendly products that will accompany them in everyday use throughout their life. In addition, we always think about maintaining affordability for all types of customers. We launch attractive products to the market in several price categories so that customers who prefer lower prices as well as users with higher requirements can make the right choice for them.
We follow current trends and intensively work on ensuring that our products are not only functionally but also technically advanced, and meet the requirements of today’s customers. Attractive design is an equally important parameter for us; when creating a new product we put great emphasis on the visual aspect of a new appliance.
In our product portfolio we also wish to have products that bring innovative solutions. We even see room for improvement in traditional categories, such as home appliances, kitchen appliances or personal care electronics. Since its creation the ECG brand has been holding a strong position in the category of small kitchen appliances, in particular microwave ovens.
In the segment of home and personal audio technology we follow requirements of new generation customers, striving to find and apply solutions of current technology trends. As one of the first companies we introduced wireless speakers to the market. As the first and the only company at the time we were offering a portable multimedia music system with an integrated battery that could serve as Power Bank to power and charge other devices, such as telephones and tablets.

Focus on quality and safety

When choosing a product we strive to provide high quality standards. During the rigorous initial tests on which we cooperate with certified testing institutions, we detect any possible technical faults of the product or design flaws. We cooperate with many domestic as well as foreign testing laboratories and test rooms. Only tested products, those which are non-harmful from the technical and health point of view, can go into the production process. Products undergo strict independent tests and inspections, a few times in the process of product preparation, as well as during production. Subsequently, independent inspectors check and test manufactured pieces of serial production before the goods are introduced to the market.
Our products are made in accordance with the EU valid laws, and meet technical, safety and hygienic norms. Our priority is safety and health of users of our products.

We care about the environment

The ECG brand is not indifferent to the fate of our planet. We aim for a responsible approach to a common environment. In recent years we have become more focused on energy efficient products. New products with reduced consumption as well as other features contribute to reducing the burden on the environment.
We care about a safe and environmentally friendly disposal of old appliances. We are involved in collection systems to recycle electronic and electrical equipment.

We listen to our customers and we make products that they want

Selection and development of products is carried out in the Czech Republic, in the country that is a home to the brand. Our offices abroad, representing the brand in European countries, also help select products, in particular with regard to the various specifics of markets in individual European regions. Feedback from our customers and end users of our products is very important to us. We strive to respond flexibly to stimuli from the markets of individual European countries where the ECG brand is represented and we also launch products to the market that our customers have been seeking in vain, or the price levels of which were too high for the majority of them. By cumulating a number of pieces of one product type for more markets, we are able to reduce prices and so are able to frequently offer to our customers a more attractive price than a similar product made by other brands may cost. In the today’s world, in which the vast production of electronics and other products is concentrated to the industrial areas of Asia, particularly China, the usual synonym of China as a symbol of poor quality or technical imperfection does not apply anymore. Quality and reliability of a product is given by its technical maturity and standards of the manufacturer. ECG, as well as all other large manufacturers of electronics and home appliances, produces its products in various locations on our planet. ECG products roll off production lines every day in factories not only in China but also in the EU countries and Turkey. One of the largest production capacities of home appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators or dishwashers is in Turkey.

ECG products can be purchased from both electronics specialists and local retailers

One of the principles of the ECG brand is great availability to many customers. We are therefore open to cooperation with all types of sales channels. You can purchase ECG goods in stores of professional electronics specialists whose stores are located mainly in large cities as well as from local retailers based especially in smaller towns and municipalities. ECG products can be ordered via online sellers from large and small e-shops. Customers can also find ECG products in hypermarkets of international retail chains.

ECG products are popular with customers in various parts of Europe

ECG is not just a local brand as in the past. Over the time the products of this brand have made it to many foreign markets within Europe and beyond. Popularity of ECG products has been growing and especially in European countries the brand has noticed an increase in interest from traders as well as customers.
The brand has built a strategy for the market coverage in Central Europe and it has been building it in other locations, in particular recently in south-eastern parts of Europe. A stable customer base is in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, microwave ovens are extremely popular for example in Germany, and Hungary also belongs among the markets where this brand is popular. In recent years there has been a large increase in interest and subsequent sales of ECG products in countries such as Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina. More customers from more countries help the brand grow, which is then positively reflected in the product portfolio development and creation of new and better products.


History of ECG Brand

The history of the ECG brand began in 1996 when the brand was created and first ECG products came to life. Microwave ovens experienced a tremendous sales success. From the very start, and particularly thanks to attractive prices and a relatively wide range of products, they became a strong competitor to traditional brands. After several years of sales, another important feature became apparent – reliability. Microwave ovens have therefore become the cornerstone among the ECG products.

Reliability has turned into one of the fundamental features of the ECG’s ever expanding product range.

K+B Progres, the owner of the ECG brand, further invested a considerable effort and funds into the development of other products. Thanks to a well-chosen strategic approach to offer quality products for attractive prices, other products of the small home electrical appliances range became successful representatives of the ECG brand. Continuous expansion of the product range of small kitchen and home appliances enabled the brand to gradually take the position on retail shelves of specialised electrical stores as well as chain stores. However, as time went by, the brand did not stand still: within a few years it entered the arena of audio video products and televisions. In the following years it grew into categories of the so-called large home appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. This was followed by a logical expansion of built-in appliances by offering quality and affordable models of built-in boards, ovens and extractor hoods. This way ECG has become a brand with a full range of consumer electronics and home appliances.


The era of sales of ECG products began in the country of origin, in the Czech Republic. In the nineties most electronics products were sold in retail outlets of independent electrical retailers. Continuous expansion of the range of small kitchen and home appliances enabled the brand to gradually take the position on retail shelves of specialised electrical shops of chain stores and hypermarkets. With the rise of online transactions and a subsequent development of e-shops, the ECG brand did not stay aloof. Over time, the brand has become a solid pillar of a stable range of products across the entire spectrum of sales channels in the Czech Republic.

After establishing itself in the domestic market, ECG products headed abroad, first to the Slovak neighbours. This was followed by expansion to other neighbouring countries, Hungary and Poland. Other markets that have seen a successful establishment of the brand are Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. ECG products got their chance in advanced western European markets in Germany and Austria where they stood up to the fierce competition of both national and global brands. Development and growth of the brand has not stopped, however. Every day ECG teams make effort to help ECG products write another chapter of the new history of the ECG brand.