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Hot air fryers as a way to healthier meals

Hot air fryers as a way to healthier meals

Crispy french fries, delicious chicken and even spring rolls – these are just a handful of dishes that you can prepare easily, quickly and in a healthy way with the help of a hot air fryer.

The times when fryers were a symbol of unhealthy eating are gone. In recent time the words hot air fryers ring loudly in the kitchens of the world. These are small kitchen appliances that can prepare amazing french fries, delicious steaks and perfectly grilled vegetables. They can manage to do all this with a minimum of oil. As their name suggests, they use hot air for frying, baking, roasting or grilling.

It’s the end of French fries drowning in oil

Under the words fryer and frying, many of us imagine a vessel full of burnt oil where are drowning french fries, croquets or other high calorie bombs. Fans of a healthy lifestyle will certainly have a chill running down their spines imagining this.

Classic oil fryers have been a real threat to healthy eating. They required a huge amount of oil to prepare favorite dishes, which of course was reflected in the result – the fried dishes were enormously fatty, difficult to digest and generally unhealthy.

However… Nothing could match the taste of french fries, chicken drumsticks or even fried cauliflower from an oil fryer. Until now. With the advent of hot air fryers, you can indulge in the delicious tastes of favorite fried dishes without remorse. It is not for nothing that the hot air fryers are also called healthy fryers.


horkovzdušná fritéza ECG AF 3500

Healthy, fast and easy frying

Unlike the oil fryers, the hot air fryers use only the minimum of fat. For example, you can prepare classic french fries or chicken meat using only one tablespoon of oil. And if you want, you can add just a drop of oil, or you don’t even have to use it at all.

Instead of hot oil, the heat treatment of the food is taken care off by the hot air, circulating inside the fryer. The ECG AF 6000 hot air fryer, e.g., uses the patented 720° VORTEX technology, involving extra fast air flow. As a result, the food preparation is not only healthy, but also surprisingly fast and energy efficient.

Another advantage of the hot air fryer is its simple operation. Simply place the ingredients you want to fry in the inner container of the appliance (in the fry pot), then turn on the fryer and in a short time you can sit down at the table with the whole family. Thanks to the hot-air fryer, even less experienced cooks can prepare delicious french fries, fish and even cutlets.

Some fryers also have special functions that will make the cooking of your favorite dishes even easier. You can use subprograms for various types of foods, or flexibly regulate the temperature of the hot air. The appliance has often a mixing paddle, which stirs the inserted foods for you. The timer function is also very useful, thanks to which the appliance shuts off automatically after a set time, so you do not have to watch anything.


horkovzdušná fritéza ECG AF 6000

How to select a hot air fryer

If you are excited about hot air fryers and would like to buy one of them for your home, focus on the following parameters when choosing them:

Size of the fry potthe amount of food which you can cook in the fryer in the same time depends on the capacity (volume) of the fry pot.
Powerthe more efficient the hot air fryer is the faster it can work.
Designhigh-quality workmanship will ensure a longer service life and easier maintenance of the appliance.
Functions and modessome fryers have different modes for individual types of foods, some are equipped with a timer, etc.
Control methodyou can find manual rotary knobs and touch screens.
Safety features – in order to use the hot air fryer safely at all times, this kitchen appliance should have protection against overheating, a thermally insulated handle, an interruption function when opening the drawer with the fry pot, etc.

In the ECG brand portfolio you will find two hot air fryers (AF 3500 and ECG AF 6000). When you purchase any of them for your kitchen, we believe that you will be satisfied. You will get the opportunity to cook easily, quickly and most importantly, in healthy way french fries, croquets, fish, cutlets, vegetables and even a sweet dessert. Well, are you salivating at the prospect yet?

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