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Humidifier: a device that helps you breathe freely

Did you know that humidity has a major impact not only on your health and sleep quality, but also your mood? In the indoor environment, its value should be between 40 and 60 %. However, if the humidity in your home or office is lower, you do not have to despair. All you have to do is get a suitable humidifier and treat yourself to the best option for your breathing, skin and mind.

As is clear from the name of this device, the humidifier combats dry air. Its task is simply to keep the humidity in the room at optimum value. After all, if the humidity is too low, it can have an adverse effect on your health. However, if it is excessively high, bacteria and mold can multiply indoors. With a reliable humidifier, however, this can be avoided.

The correct humidity as the basis of good health and well-being

You should maintain optimal humidity (approximately between forty and sixty percent) in all rooms of your home and business. You will feel considerably better in places where you work, rest and sleep.

As the simulation of the Riken scientific institution and the University of Kobe showed, when the humidity drops below 30 %, there are up to twice as many harmful aerosol particles in the given interior (compared to sixty percent humidity). The American Centre for Disease Control and Prevention states that these pathogens can remain in the air for several hours.

Dry air has a number of risks for humans. Among other things, it irritates the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, which then makes it harder to catch bacteria and viruses, which can lead to cough, nasopharyngitis or chronic rhinitis. It also has an adverse effect on your skin, which due to it dries out unpleasantly. You may have often cracked lips or your eyes may be burning regularly. And last but not least, it also has a negative effect on sleep quality, mood and fatigue. In addition, dust settles more readily in a dry environment, which in turn is a big problem for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Simply put, when you have dry air at home, it’s not good.

These problems most often occur in the winter months. This is because the constant heating dries up the air the most. Nowadays in time of effective insulation, perfectly sealed windows and many electronic devices that generate heat, dry air can bother us all year round.

However, with a modern humidifier, you can easily get rid of dry air problems. By purchasing this device, you will ensure better health, less fatigue and good quality sleep. Even in times when it is not possible to ventilate.


Modern ultrasonic humidifiers

There are several types of humidifiers on the market. Company ECG has prepared two models for you that use modern ultrasonic technology. These are so-called ultrasonic humidifiers, which work by using ultrasound to convert small particles of water into steam, which are then discharged into the surrounding space.

Ultrasonic humidifiers have a number of advantages (compared to disc, steam or filter cartridge humidifiers). One of them is a very quick start – these devices start to humidify the air almost immediately after they are turned on. You will also appreciate the fact that they do not release hot steam into the room, but rather a kind of cool mist. Therefore they do not affect the temperature in the room and also you cannot get burned by them. And a special advantage of the ultrasonic humidifiers is also their low noise, thanks to which you can put them in the bedroom.

Last but not least, the ultrasonic humidifiers are also very economical. Their energy consumption is surprisingly low, so their use is beneficial not only for your health, but also for your wallet.

How to select a humidifier

Individual ultrasonic humidifiers can vary in a number of parameters. Therefore, when choosing yours focus on the following aspects:


JednOne of the basic parameters of every humidifier is its performance. It is given in mililiters or grams per hour and this determines the size of the room which this device can humidify.

For example, the ECG AH M351 humidifier operates with capacity 300 ml/h, therefore it is suitable for an area of up to 30 m2. However, thanks to adjustable humidification level it can also be used in smaller rooms.


Manual or digital control?

Some humidifiers are controlled manually (e.g. using a simple rotary knob), others digitally (by adjusting values on the digital display). There is also a practical option of controlling the basic functions using a remote controller.

Water tank capacity

The volume of the tank indicates how much water can fit in the humidifier. The length of operating time of the device also depends on this parameter – the bigger the tank, the longer can the device humidify its surrounding space.
For example, humidifier ECG AH D501 T is equipped with five liter tank, thanks to which it is able to function for 15 hours without the necessity to replace water.

Air filter

If you insist on perfectly pure air, purchase a humidifier that has also an air filter (e.g. a water filter with or so-called HEPA filter). This is to prevent undesirable substances from polluting the air during humidifying, which can be present in standing water (incl. bacteria, allergens and small dust particles).

Ionization function

You can ensure even better air quality by purchasing a humidifier with an ionization function. This function generates negatively charged ions, which then clean the air (they remove from the air minuscule particles and even smells). The result is pleasantly clean air – similar to the one you achieve with long ventilation.

Aroma diffuser function

In addition to the desired air humidification some ultrasonic humidifiers can even diffuse fragrance into the air. If they have the aroma diffuser function, you can add a drop of any essential oil or other fragrant substance to their water tank. As soon as you switch on the humidifier, water vapor begins to pour into the air, complemented by a pleasant fragrance.

Dimensions and design

Of course, when choosing a humidifier, also take into account its dimensions and appearance. This is a device that you will most likely locate in the living room, children’s room or bedroom. So it should fit in without any problems, and if it is also interesting in terms of design, it will definitely not hurt.

Look at the offered ECG humidifiers. Whether you choose the basic ultrasonic humidifier ECG AH M351, or you prefer the more advanced model ECG AH D501 T, you will definitely not go astray by purchasing this device. You will get rid of unpleasantly dry air and that will create a much better living environment.

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