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ECG introduces new audio devices

Internet radio and many other functions for comfortable listening.

If you like listening to music or the spoken word, we have great news for you. We’ve just launched new audio devices for everyone to enjoy this hobby. These devices are able to play Internet and classic radio stations and offer several additional practical functions. You can look forward to a number of gadgets from Bluetooth technology to a CD player to listening to songs from memory media.

The new series is called ECG B.BOLD and currently includes three models – two color variants ( black and white ) of the versatile ECG B.BOLD 7200 Intero audio system and the compact ECG B.BOLD 3200 CUBO radio . In both cases, you can count on an elegant design and easy operation – the devices boast a high-quality wooden construction , a stylish surface finish and a color display . For your convenience, a practical remote control is also included with each of them.

From FM to Wi-Fi to Bluetooth

Both types of audio devices from the ECG B.BOLD series can be connected to Wi-Fi and thus enable the reception of thousands and thousands of Internet radio stations from all over the world. In addition, however, they are also equipped with a digital FM tuner, so you can also tune in to classic radio stations. The higher model (ECG B.BOLD 7200 Intero ) also boasts support for the DAB+ digital radio standard , which further expands the spectrum of available radios.

The advantages of our new audio devices also include the presence of Bluetooth wireless technology. Thanks to it, you can not only listen to the radio with these devices, but also stream music, podcasts or audiobooks from your smartphone.

To top it all off, UPnP and DLNA support opens the door to streaming content from your home network. And you will certainly appreciate the bonus functions, which include, for example, an alarm clock and a sleep timer.

Entertainment without an electrical outlet

A great advantage of the ECG B.BOLD 3200 CUBO internet radio is the fact that with this device you can listen to your favorite audio content even in places where you do not have electricity. The device is equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh , which provides up to 12 hours of operation on a single charge.

Thanks to the output power of 3 W (RMS), the ECG B.BOLD 3200 CUBO radio will serve you broadcasts of your favorite stations in very good sound quality. In addition, it also offers a 3.5 mm line output, so you can also connect external speakers to it if you are interested. Last but not least, the radio equipment also includes a 3.5 mm stereo connector, through which you can connect classic headphones.


Music and spoken word from many sources

The ECG B.BOLD 7200 Intero audio system, on the other hand, stands out with its wide functionality, thanks to which you can enjoy listening to music or spoken word from a wide range of sources. In addition to Internet and classic radios or Bluetooth wireless technology, this device also adds an integrated CD player or the possibility of listening to audio content from USB flash drives and microSD memory cards. The presence of a 3.5mm jack input for connecting an audio source via cable is a matter of course .

Regular radio listeners will also appreciate the integrated memory of this model, which can store up to 150 stations. Stereo speakers with a power of 2x 10 W (RMS) ensure quality sound in any case . And there is also a 3.5 mm line output for connecting external speakers and a 3.5 mm stereo connector for connecting headphones.

Get one of the modern ECG B.BOLD audio devices and enjoy all its advantages to the fullest.

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