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ECG celebrates 25 years. The brand started with microwaves.

ECG celebrates 25 years. The brand started with microwaves.

The ECG brand is celebrating 25 years in the market. It started with microwaves and today offers whatever you can think of. You may have wondered what is actually behind the three letters that make up the ECG name. This is not some complicated puzzle or cipher. On the contrary. ECG stands for Electronic Consumer Goods. We can translate it as “electronic consumer goods”. Its approach to the market has been as straightforward as the 1996 procedure for inventing a new brand name. Deliver high quality and affordable products that make people’s lives easier.

Modest beginnings

Although the ECG brand has been active on the international scene for many years, its history began to be written a quarter of a century ago in the Czech Republic, where it was founded by the company K+B Progres. Today, it successfully supplies its products to more than 20 European markets. The beginnings of ECG were relatively modest – at the time of its creation, the brand focused exclusively on the microwave ovens segment. These experienced their golden age of popularity in our market during the 1990s. The models offered within the ECG portfolio have become popular thanks to attractive prices and have opened the door for the brand to further development and entry into new segments. Specifically, ECG began to focus on other product categories of small home appliances and a little later even in the audio-video segment led by televisions. Finally, it was time to take up the challenge of producing large household appliances, in whose market is very difficult to gain a foothold.

Market transformation and ECG

When the brand entered the Czech market, there were still independent dealers ruling the local scene, who were approached by ECG with a great price/performance ratio of its products. As the market changed over the years and retail chains began to play a greater role, ECG also headed for their shelves. At that time, moreover, the brand already had a very rich portfolio and individual retailers could choose from a wide range of products in various categories. It was not only just microwave ovens as in 1996. Just as naturally, ECG products penetrated the range of products of online stores.

ECG has always responded quickly and effectively to upcoming trends

The advantage of the brand is its ability to adapt to upcoming and rapidly changing trends. Last year, for example, it included in its portfolio a very up-to-date product in the form of the DS 1010 touch-free disinfection sprayer or the smart MHT 1661 pressure cooker, which offers highly automated food preparation. And you can rely on the ECG brand for similarly quick responses to the coming needs of the market and customers in years to come.

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