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ECG weather station provides reliable weather information

The new ECG weather stations will make you a real weather expert. Get one of them in the living room and be informed about temperature, humidity and many other data.


Three new models of meteorological stations have just been added to the ECG brand portfolio. Therefore, let us briefly introduce them to you and show you what they can do.

All our new weather stations can reliably tell you the current indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. They also offer a one-day weather forecasts, making it easy to decide what to wear every morning. They are also equipped with a clock, whose accuracy is governed by a radio signal.

But that’s not all.

It will replace your alarm clock and calendar

The equipment of all new ECG weather stations includes also practical alarm clock functions, which can replace your alarm clock. The so-called snooze function – that is the delay of alarm by 5 minutes – is a matter of course; when you really do not want to get up, you can move the alarm up a little.

You can also rely on the built-in calendar, thanks to which you can see the current date on the display of the weather station.

It has also a practical display of phases of the Moon, which makes clear when full moon appears. The device manages to distinguish 8 different moon phases.

You can, of course, set the operation of the weather station according to your preferences. You can select the format of the displayed time (12/24 hours), time zone and temperature unit (°C and °F). Also, the option of setting daylight saving time (DST function) is a matter of course.

Easy operation of the device is ensured by integrated buttons with practical sound signals.

2 parts that communicate without cables

All new ECG weather stations have two parts. The main device designed for the indoor use is always complemented by a wireless sensor, whose task it is to monitor the weather outside. You can put it in a window, on the balcony or in the garden in front of the house.

No cables are required to connect the weather station’s central unit to the outdoor sensor. The two devices can be up to 30 meters apart. Thus you can measure the temperature outside exactly where it suits you best. The fact that there is a practical opening on the outdoor sensor through which you can hang this device on the wall also helps.

The reliable communication of the wireless sensor with the main device of the weather station is guaranteed by the use of three transmission channels.
ecg weather stations

It will forecast weather

The advantages of the new ECG weather stations definitely include the practical weather forecast function. Thanks to it, you can always easily see from the comfort of your home how will the weather be in the next 24 hours. You don’t have to rely on meteorological information from TV, newspapers or the Internet – thanks to your home weather station, you always have your own data handy.

The weather forecast will be displayed on the screen as animations, which have here four variants: sunny, partly cloudy, overcast, precipitation. All you have to do is take a quick look and you are clear whether to take an umbrella to work or choose shorts or a skirt.

Choose a weather station according to your taste

The individual models of the new ECG weather stations differ mainly in the design and processing of the display. The most economical is called ECG MS 100 White, it is vertically oriented and you will like the clean white frame. Its display is black and white and uses proven LCD technology.


The ECG MS 200 Grey weather station also has black and white LCD display, but it is equipped with a practical blue backlight. You can easily see it even in poor light conditions or even in complete darkness. The device is horizontally oriented and has an elegant dark grey frame.


The top model bears the designation ECG MS 300 White and boasts stylish square design, with white surface finish and especially the colour LED display. You will also appreciate the option of power supply from both batteries and AC outlet.


Whichever weather station you choose from our offer, we wish you that the weather will no longer surprise you thanks to its valuable information and that you will always be well prepared for it.

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