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The ECG DS 1010 disinfectant sprayer ensures proper hand hygiene

At a time when coronavirus infection is lurking at literally every corner, each of us can help to improve the situation with a few simple things. We should keep social distance, wear face masks and ensure consistent hand hygiene. The latest in the ECG product family can help you with the latter – the ECG DS 1010 touchless hand disinfectant sprayer, which can reduce the likelihood of infection if used correctly and regularly.

Viruses are spread among people by droplet infection, which can come into contact with your mucous membranes and also by touch. This applies to coronavirus, the common seasonal flu and a number of other viruses. We should definitely not underestimate hand hygiene, and not just during the current pandemic. After all, when any virus gets on your skin, you need to make sure that it does not spread anywhere else. You can prevent this in two ways – either by washing your hands thoroughly, which should take about 40-60 seconds, or by applying an alcohol based disinfectant.

And disinfecting the hands is in many cases absolutely necessary. Each of us inadvertently gets into a lot of situations during the day in which we have to touch potentially dangerous objects. Viruses can stay on computer keyboards, banknotes, door handles, railings and handrails in public transportation for a long time. However, it is often not possible to wash your hands after contact with these objects. But when disinfectant is on hand, the risk of infection can be at least partially reduced.


ECG DS 1010: Will spray liquid disinfectant on your hands

ECG DS 1010 can spray disinfectant on your hands. This is because it converts the liquid disinfectant to aerosol, so there is no risk of spilling it when sanitizing your hands. 45 ml of disinfectant can fit in the spray container.

Safe touchless use

A significant advantage of the ECG sprayer is its touchless use. This device has an infrared sensor by which it can detect movement. As soon as you place your palm over the dispenser, the dispenser will automatically recognize it and start spraying the disinfectant automatically.

rozprašovač dezinfekce ECG DS 1010

Therefore you don’t have to press any buttons or touch anything. Just bring your palm close to the sprayer to a height of approximately 12 cm.
To get a sufficient dose of disinfectant, the palm must be held over the sprayer for about 10-15 seconds.

Thanks to the touchless dispensing of disinfectant, hand hygiene is even more effective and that at the same time  slightly reduces the risk of spreading germs.

Charging using USB

The ECG DS 1010 hand disinfectant sprayer is powered via modern USB-C interface. You can have this practical device constantly available on your desk , where you simply connect it to a USB port of your computer. But it can also find its place in your home, where you will power it, for example, using a mobile phone charger. And thanks to the battery capacity 1800 mAh  the sprayer will serve you perfectly on the road, where you will certainly appreciate also its miniature size (77 × 55 × 91 mm).

It takes approximately three to four hours to charge the battery of this sprayer. Even during charging, the device works normally, so you can use it without any problems.

Although none of us like it, coronavirus and COVID-19 will most likely be with us for quite some time to come. And because of that we must get used to more thorough and more frequent hygiene where hand sanitizing has a prominent place. Why not make it easier then? Get an intelligent hand disinfectant sprayer from the ECG brand portfolio and simplify your health care.

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