Hot air fryer

ECG AF 3500

Hot air fryer

  • Healthy food preparation with a minimum amount of grease
  • Variable temperature setting 80-200 °C
  • 30-minute switch with automatic shut-off function
  • Fryer volume 3,5 l

Playful and healthy

The ECG AF 3500 hot air fryer is used for healthy cooking of favourite dishes with minimum of fat. Thanks to the capacity of 3.5 l, the fryer is suitable for every family. With its help, you can make french fries so beloved by the children in a very healthy way. And that’s far from all!

ECG AF 3500 is suitable for frying, baking, roasting and grilling with hot air. You can cook vegetables and meat in it and even prepare sweet desserts. And you can do all this in much healthier way than the classic one.

Easy setup

You can easily set the temperature (80 to 200 °C) or timer using intuitive knobs (up to 30 minutes). Using the ECG AF 3500 you can conjure up real delicacies from beef steak through onion rings to sweet donuts or buns. You can try literally anything, grilled vegetables or zucchini fries are also excellent.

The indicator lights (orange - heating up, green – ready) inform you about the heating to the desired temperature, which is supplemented by an audible signal.

Safety is assured

The inner removable basket has a non-stick surface finish, so its maintenance will be a matter of a moment for you.

The ECG AF 3500 hot air fryer is equipped with an automatic shut-off function and protection against overheating for safety reasons. Thermally insulated handles prevent scalding when handling the appliance.

Anti-slip feet guarantee maximum stability of the work area. An 80 cm power cord ensures a sufficient distance from the electrical outlet.

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