Hot air fryer

ECG AF 6000

Hot air fryer

  • Healthy food preparation with a minimum amount of fat
  • Variable temperature setting 30–200 °C
  • 8 preset programs
  • Fryer volume 7 l

Hot air fryer for a large family

The real hit of the present is the hot air fryer, with which the real enjoyment of cooking is just the start. In addition, the hot air fryer ECG AF 6000v with 7 l capacity and 6 l inner container is a great helper for every larger family. Thanks to special technology of high speed circulating whirlpool heating of hot air (to 720 °C) you can cook excellent dishes in it, which will retain their natural taste and aroma". You can forget about the smell of burnt frying oil and probably also high cholesterol. In the hot air fryer, you can also prepare french fries that are so loved by the children and are healthier and tastier.

8 preset dishes

Touch control is very intuitive and every user can master it literally within a moment. The control panel is completed by the LED display showing the current settings and the remaining program time.

The ECG AF 6000 hot air fryer is equipped with 8 preset programs for cooking of various dishes for your maximum comfort. You can easily and especially in a healthy way cook a really varied feast for a larger number of people with its help. You can choose from programs - Frozen French Fries, Cutlet, Roasting, Chicken Wings or Thighs, Fish, Beef Steak, Food Drying and Seafood (Shrimp). Each program has a preset ideal temperature and cooking time. The temperature ranges from 30 to 200 °C.

Dry herbs, mushrooms and fruit

An above standard option of the ECG hot air fryer is the food drying program, where you can regulate the temperature from 30 to 80 °C as needed. You have also timer available that can be set for up to 24 hours in combination with the food drying program. You no longer have to buy another appliance like a food dryer, the ECG AF 6000 dries herbs, mushrooms and fruit.

Very easy cleaning

Cleaning of the pot is made very easy using the removable grille for frying with a non-stick finish. After removing it, you can also use the inner container separately, to prepare fried and other dishes.

The ECG AF 6000 fryer is equipped with a 90 cm power cord, thanks to which you can place it at a sufficient distance from the power outlet. Measuring 34 × 31 × 41.5 cm it will not be an obstacle even on the kitchen counter.