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How to handle lever espresso machine correctly

Preparation of espresso coffee in the lever espresso machine

Insert a filter for 1 or 2 coffees into the lever. Fill the filter with ground espresso coffee.

Our tip:
• Use freshly ground espresso coffee beans for optimum results. Adjust the grinding degree on your coffee mill for espresso coffee. Remember that coffee that if ground too coarsely will not have a strong taste, the foam will be light and will soon disappear. On the other hand, too finely ground coffee causes slow to difficult extraction and even clogging of the filter, resulting in an extremely small amount of coffee, which will be excessively bitter. For a strong, balanced taste and rich crema foam, grinding to the right degree of grind is important. We therefore recommend trying getting the right grind by grinding small batches, and getting the right result by trial and error.

• Beginners are advised to start preparation with ground coffee, labelled “ESPRESSO”, which is already suitably ground for use in home espresso machines.  Espresso coffee is commonly purchased in stores; the most widely used is a 250g pack.

Level the coffee in the lever and tamp down using the flat side of the dispensing scoop included in the coffee machine package.

The coffee in the lever should be level with the MAX mark on the inside of the filter. Make sure that there are no residual coffee grounds on the perimeter of the seating surface as well as on the top edge of the filter.


Too much coffee in the filter
x Non-tamped down coffee
x Ground coffee residue on the filter  and lever seating area





x Not enough coffee in the filter
x Non-tamped down coffee
x Ground coffee residue on the filter  and lever seating area





Correct amount of coffee in the filter
Correctly tamped down coffee
Clean seating area of the filter and lever


Insert the lever with the coffee into the brew head to the “Insert” mark and close to the “Lock” position.

Our tip:
• Hold the coffee machine with the other hand when inserting and closing the lever in the brewing head.


Extract the coffee by turning the rotary selector to the “coffee preparation” position and after filling the cup turn the selector back to the basic position.

Our tip:
• Optimally ground and properly packed coffee is identified by the fact that the coffee grounds after extraction form an continuous layer without any apparent water residue.


Remove the used coffee grounds from the filter into a waste container or bowl.

Our tip:
• Dispose of used coffee grounds in Bio-waste, it is biodegradable.

Clean the filter so that no coffee grounds are left in it. In particular, make sure that the coffee grounds residue does not remain on the perimeter of the seating surface of the lever and on the top edge of the filter.

Our tip:
• When brewing another coffee, it is usually sufficient to clean the lever and strainer with a piece of kitchen paper towel.
• After using the machine, we recommend removing the filter from the lever, washing it with the lukewarm water, dry with a cloth and then storing it for future use.

✓ Clean seating area of the the filter and lever
 Ready for brewing another cup of coffee





Also check the brew head after use, especially the filter and the ring seal around the filter. If coffee grounds remain there after extraction, remove and clean them off with a paper kitchen towel.

• Dried coffee grounds residue on the brewing head extraction filter could adversely affect the flavour of the next brewed coffee.
• Dried coffee grounds residue on the ring seal could cause leaks and leakage of coffee outside the lever when brewing the next coffee.

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