Multifunctional pressure cooker

ECG MHT 1661 Pressione Nuovo

Multifunctional pressure cooker

  • One pot – many countless dishes
  • 12 preset modes
  • Total container volume 6 l
  • Temperature range 40-160 °C


Multifunctional pot for even a large family

Save a lot of time and effort cooking with the ECG MHT 1661 Pressione Nuovo multifunctional pot. On the intuitive control panel, you set the desired program and leave all the work to the pot. In addition, the information blue backlit LCD display informs you about the current settings, so you still can be perfectly aware of the progress.
The net capacity of the work container is 5.7 l, so you can prepare lunch for the whole family in the pot for two days in advance. Do not wait for tardy eaters and activate the Keep Warm function keeping the food warm for up to 12 hours (70 °C). Another extra feature of the pot is a timer, which can be set for up to 24 hours.

Plus, you don't have to worry about piles of dirty dishes after cooking. You used only one pot, whose removable inner pot cleans easily, thanks to its non-stick surface.

Cook whatever comes to your mind according to your taste

The ECG MHT 1661 Pressione Nuovo multifunctional steam cooker can do the work of several appliances in the kitchen. It makes your coking easier thanks to 12 preset modes for cooking of your favourite dishes. Cook different types of soups, rice; try stewing or slow cooking at low temperatures, bake pasta and potatoes, fry french fries or prepare homemade jam or ketchup. Try the Porridge mode for oat or rice porridge for your children and make a sweet dessert with the Cake program for baking poured and pound cakes. The menu also includes a popular steaming option for healthy vegetable preparation or traditional steaming of dumplings.

An extra function of the ECG pot is the use of pressure, which you can regulate in the range from 50 to 90 kPa. With its help, you can prepare excellent beef broth or down to earth goulash in a fraction of the time. If you do not use one of the preset modes you have also available manual setting according to your preferences. The pot can handle cooking of food at temperatures ranging from 40 to 160 °C.

The package also includes accessories with which you can take advantage of all the benefits of the multifunctional ECG pot. There is also a plastic steamer, a plastic spoon, a frying basket and a practical measuring cup.

Recipes for multifunctional pressure cooker ECG MHT 1661 Pressione Nuovo from FoodMillBlog

I have prepared several recipes as an inspiration for you that can be easily prepared using the ECG MHT 1661 Pressione Nuovo multifunctional pressure cooker. The pot provides several functions that you can combine freely. You don‘t have to have a fully equipped kitchen at home, as the ECG MHT 1661 Pressione Nuovo will easily perform many tasks.