Multifunctional pot

ECG MH 910 Delizioso

Multifunctional pot

  • 10 programme presets
  • Personal settings mode
  • Slow cooking at low temperatures
  • 3D heating


Professional cooking in one pot

Do you want to cook like a pro and not have a full kitchen of dirty dishes? Are you also tired of buying different types of kitchen appliances and pots for each dish separately? The ECG company comes up with a great solution. It is the ECG MH 910 Delizioso multifunctional pot, which supplies the job of 10 other kitchen helpers. It will save you not only money, but also valuable space in the kitchen.

Rich program offer

In the multifunctional ECG pot, you can easily prepare home made goulash, strong broth, pasta, risotto, French fries, stewed vegetables and a whole range of other goodies. Depending on the type of dish or ingredients, you can select from 10 preset programs – Rice (rice), Pilaf, Jam, Fry (frying), Boil (boiling), Rissotto (rissotto), Stew (stewing), Steam (steam cooking), Yogurt and Reheat (reheating). Simply put the required ingredients in the pot, activate the appropriate program and you're almost done. Turn on the TV and relax. The pot will alert you to the end of the program with an audible and visual signal at the end of the program. You can easily prepare lunch or dinner using this helper and you can serve a different menu to the spoiled diners every day.

Slow cooking and 3D heating

When cooking meat you will certainly appreciate the option of slow cooking at low temperatures. Even beef will literally fall apart. In addition, the pot uses 3D heating, therefore each dish is evenly cooked without less or more cooked places.

You are not limited only by the preset programs. The individual setting mode is a matter of course. This means that you set the temperature and cooking time yourself. The temperature can be set between 40 and 180 °C.

Great functions for everyone

The inner pot with a capacity of 3 litres allows you to cook a sufficient amount of food at one time to entertain more people. The pot is therefore suitable for larger families. Do you want to finish cooking at a specific time? No problem. You have available the users’ favourite timer which may be set for up to 24 hours.

Thanks to the ECG MH 910 Delizioso pot you will enjoy the temperature maintenance function. Even after completing the set program, the pot keeps the food warm for up to 60 minutes. You no longer have to reheat lunch in the microwave for latecomers. You can serve it fresh to them for another hour after cooking.

Effortless cleaning

Forget the lengthy dishwashing with the ECG MH 910 multifunction pot. It is very easy to clean. The removable inner pot has a special non-stick surface on which you won’t burn anything. After use and cooling, all you have to do is wash the pot effortlessly with warm water and detergent. The pot is not suitable for dishwasher.

Intuitive controls are easy to handle

ECG has developed a kitchen helper that is suitable for users of all ages. Of course, the manufacturer also adapted the pot control with this in view. You intuitive control panellarge display informs you about the current setting and the remaining cooking time.

Safety during cooking is ensured by the thermally insulated handle preventing burns.

Above standard accessories

You will find included in the package a whole range of practical accessories which will make cooking your dish very easy. You will often use the spatula, grilling grille or frying basket. However, the list does not end here. Inside you will also find a steam cooking grille, a measuring cup, a ladle and a ladle holder. A pleasant bonus are the fondue skewers, because that’s what the ECG MH 910 Delizioso can handle as well.

The ECG MH 910 multifunctional pot is quite easy to operate. Voltage of 220–240 V is sufficient.