Electric pot

ECG EH 1886 Double

Electric pot

  • A new style of cooking without the need to use a stove
  • For everyday use
  • Wide range of uses
  • Total pot volume: 3 l


Electric pot and steamer – 2in1

Electric pot ECG EH 1886 Double is another great helper in the kitchen, which will make your cooking extremely easy. It offers an invaluable combination of an electric pot and stainless-steel steamer, which you can use while cooking not only the traditional Czech meals, but also exotic specialties.

Cook a wonderful soup, excellent sauce for the family, or try healthy steaming. With the newest device from ECG, it's a child’s play.

Above standard capacity

The base element of the pot is the heating unit with stainless steel container with a 3 litres volume. You will cook enough sauce for the whole family, and you will still have enough for the next day. Thanks to non-stick finish you do not have to worry about burning the food. Subsequent cleaning is therefore also a breeze.

The stainless-steel steamer is wonderful for steam cooking. In addition to vegetables, you can also reheat your favorite bread dumplings so that they are fresh.

The accessories also include a transparent glass lid, thanks to which you have a perfect update of the prepared food.

Easy power setting

You can use 2 power levels (450 or 900 W) when cooking with maximum temperature around 195 °C. You can easily adjust the power using the rotary selector.

The ECG EH 1886 Double electric pot is an adequate replacement for ordinary pots that you normally use when cooking on a stove or hob and its operation is very easy. However, as with conventional cooking, you must pay attention to the food, stir it or add water.

It is safe and cleans well

Even though cleaning is very easy, just rinse the container with water and wipe with a cloth, remember that it is an electrical appliance. Do not immerse the main pot in water. You will appreciate the removable power cable during maintenance. Thanks to the length of 1 meter, you don't even have to deal with the distance from the electrical outlet.

The pot is equipped with a practical overheating protection for safety reasons.