Multifunctional pot

ECG MH 158

Multifunctional pot

  • 8 in 1 functions: fondue/braise/steam/boil/roast/deep frying/baking/grilling
  • Variable temperature from 80 ° to 240 °C
  • Perfect for preparation of fondue
  • Removable bowl with non-stick coating


Multifunctional pot - your great helper

Cooking a luxurious lunch for a large family doesn't have to be the domain of renowned chefs. You can manage it easily using the ECG MH 158 multifunctional pot and without a pile of dirty pots, burned grease and dirty stove. You can cook a real delicacy in a fraction of the time using only one pot. You will save not only space in the kitchen, but also money that you would invest in several other appliances. The manufacturer got 8 of them in a single one!

8 appliances in 1

And what can the ECG multifunction pot handle? Cooking, stewing, frying, fritting, baking, steaming, grilling and even making a fondue does not present o problem for the pot. Make the children happy and prepare for them golden fries like from their favorite fast-food place. Did you invite visitors? A great icing on the cake will be a treat in the form of non-traditional fondue.

Above standard capacity

You can continuously regulate temperature from 80 to 240 ° C. Each dish requires a different temperature setting, so you will find practical help on the pot. You will always know what temperature is ideal for cooking a particular dish.

You can entertain the whole family and a big visit. Multifunctional pot ECG MH 158 has an above-standard capacity 5 l of the inner pot. The oil capacity during frying is 2.9 litres.

Easy control

You really don't have to worry about not being able to set up individual programs. The control panel is very intuitive and you will learn it in a moment. Unlike similar models it has just one rotary selector with which you can easily set the required temperature of a specific dish.

The pot is also equipped with sound and light alarms, so you don’t have to watch it all the time. However, if you want to be sure, you can easily check the food on continually thanks to the transparent lid. Anti-slip feet ensure safety during cooking.

Extensive accessories

No food sticks to the non-stick surface of the inner pot. The special surface finish in combination with the option to remove the pot will make cleaning the pot very easy.

You will also appreciate the accessories that the manufacturer includes with the pot. Any food preparation will be really easy for you. In addition to the ECG MH 158 multifunctional pot, the package also includes a grilling grille, frying basket, steam grille and a set of 6 fondue skewers. So you can start cooking right after unpacking.