Weather station

ECG MS 100 White

Weather station

  • One day weather forecast
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature / humidity
  • LCD display
  • Signal controlled clock

The rain will no longer surprise you

Do you want to have continuous information about the current weather? Reach for a practical weather station that will keep you informed of the outside temperature. However, the ECG MS 100 White weather station can do much more. You can conveniently control it by 6 function buttons (SNZ, SET, ALARM, UP, DOWN, CH) located at the back. The device settings are displayed on a clear black and white LCD display.

The ECG weather station forecasts the weather for the next 24 hours in 4 modes with icons for sunny, partly cloudy, overcast and precipitation. You will always know when to pack an umbrella or not to forget sunglasses at home. Displays indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. It even indicates outdoor comfort in 3 levels.

Bonus functions

In addition to normal temperature data and information about the weather, the ECG MS 100 White weather station functions also as a clock (displays hours, minutes, seconds), alarm clock or calendar. The hours can be set in 12- or 24-hours format according to your preferences. You can also use the alarm clock, where the weather station also has 5 minutes snooze function. The display also shows the date. A bonus is the display of the Moon phase.

In addition to the weather station itself, the package also includes a sensor. Both devices can wirelessly communicate with each other up to 30 meters distance.

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