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ECG Roadshow in stores throughout Germany

ECG Roadshow in stores throughout Germany

ECG promo teams started the month of September by taking part in the domestic Hausmesse expo, specifically at K+B Expert electronics store in the towns of Cham and Bad Kötzing. These stores rank among the largest and most significant electronics and home appliance stores in the region. Hausmesses is very popular with customers with a traditionally high footfall. From Friday until Sunday, the stores, situated in large shopping centres, were full of customers and, in the afternoon hours, were literally taken by storm.

The ECG promo team built their demo zone directly inside the store, as well as outside of the store, where selected ECG appliances were on display and presented.

Visitors had the opportunity to see first-hand the preparation of refreshing and vitamin-loaded smoothie cocktails, which are becoming more and more popular. Seasoned promoters of the ECG team prepared fantastic apple, banana and cucumber smoothies for visitors to taste using the SM 256 and SM 900 Mix&Go smoothie mixer. These taste samples were also coupled with a demonstration of how smoothie beverages are prepared very quickly and easily using ECG smoothie mixers. The preparation and immediate tasting of the final product had a very positive affect on increased customer interest coupled with the immediate reciprocal purchase of ECG smoothie mixers.

Electric contact grills are also becoming more and more popular on the German market. And so one of our TOP rated products, the KG 400 Superior contact grill, also made an appearance, along with the KG 200 model, which has enjoyed long-term success. Grill presentations allowed store visitors to taste exceptional, and professional-level cooked Bavarian sausages – a typical cuisine for this German region. Our hostesses then used said grills to prepare an untraditional, yet attractive meal. They cooked ham and cheese tortillas with a mild spicy chilli marmalade for taste. This recipe received unprecedented interest from customers.  The tortilla tasting session was followed by a discussion with customers that were interested in other ways to use the grills that were on display. Some even purchased the KG 400 or KG 200 grill immediately after our session.

Actively participating in this year’s autumn Hausmesse was a pleasant experience for the entire ECG team. What made it even greater was the positive feedback received on ECG appliances, both from customers and store personnel.

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