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ECG exhibition at the K+B Contract-oriented Expo

ECG exhibition at the K+B Contract-oriented Expo

The 26th Contract-oriented Electronics and Home Appliance Expo was held on September 15 – 16, 2017 at the K+B Progres headquarters in Klíčany u Prahy.   

The event, especially designated for business partners and their staff, has had a long-time stable place in the calendar of significant commercial and presentation events focused on electronics, home appliances and accessories. ECG also participated alongside global brands of electrical appliance manufacturers. The exhibition of ECG was very worthy and did not fall behind the world-leading brands in terms of concept and size. The entire line of current products, as well as new products in the making, were on display. Some of the products were on display for the very first time. The largest display at the ECG stand was devoted to home appliances, primarily kitchen appliances, which make up the largest product line of the brand.

The presentation zone, where ECG kitchen appliances were demonstrated, was a very attractive part of the exhibition. Detailed presentations, showing how small appliances were used captured the interest of visitors.  Every single visitor, that came to the ECG stand, had the opportunity to see the preparation and taste fresh smoothie cocktails, which skilful hostesses prepared using SM 900 Mix&Go smoothie mixers. The promo team, lead by Jan Samaranský, prepared additional gastronomical delicacies using the KG 400 Superior, KG 300 Deluxe and KG 200 electric grills. Sales representative saw first hand the versatility of contact grills and were also able to taste the delicacies right off the grill. Visitors were also intrigued by meals cooked using the popular MH 910 Deliziosso, MH 178 Vario and MH 158 multi-function cookers.

Business partners, store owners, buyers, store managers and other visitors from the ranks of dealers, held discussions with ECG product managers in a pleasant environment and friendly atmosphere. Sharing experiences with each product leads to increasing product quality and customer attractiveness. This is the path the brand embarked on a while back and definitely plans to stay course.

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