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ECG TV sets have been certified for future DVB-T2 broadcasts

ECG TV sets have been certified for future DVB-T2 broadcasts

The readiness of ECG TV sets for future DVB-T2 broadcasts has been confirmed by independent tests of the České Radiokomunikace (CRA), which awarded the certificate to TV models equipped with the DVB-T2 tuner supported by HEVC.265.

DVB-T2 is a new generation of digital broadcasting, a more modern successor to today’s DVB-T digital terrestrial television. It allows multiple TV programs, even in high definition (HDTV), to reach a nationwide coverage with fewer frequencies than is currently the case, in one broadcasting network.

After 2020, only TV broadcasts in the DVB-T2 standard will be possible to receive with the conventional antenna. All European states go through the same process, some even speeding it up. Viewers who are comfortable with the current DVB-T standard and who do not want to buy new receivers right after launching DVB-T2 transit networks, can use the existing DVB-T networks until 2020, and solve the transition to the new technology just before shut down.

You can find a complete list of certified TV sets from all manufacturers, which will support the DVB-T2 broadcasting and are already certified at http://www.dvbt2overeno.cz/overeni.

The full range of ECG TVs can be found in this link.

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