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ECG promo teams at autumn road show in Germany

ECG promo teams at autumn road show in Germany

Early this October, ECG promo teams actively participated in several events. In the beginning of October, the ECG brand was presented at the Hausmesse home fair, which took place in the German K + B Expert stores from 4 to 7 October. In the Bavarian cities of Cham, Amberg and Schwandorf, the ECG products were presented for three days at K + B Expert stores, one of the largest and most important vendors of electrical and home appliances in this part of Bavaria.

Hausmesses are very popular with customers and have traditionally high attendance. Throughout the duration of the event, stores located in large shopping areas were full of customers and in the afternoon were literally besieged. Demonstration zones are built in German stores directly among the store shelves, where it is possible to show products at work to future users. Experienced promoters presented selected products in this very areas.

ECG promo teams at autumn road show in Germany

The MHT 1660 Presssione enjoyed the greatest interest. It is an entirely new product in the portfolio of popular multifunctional pots that offer a wide range of cooking options with professional results and with minimal effort. As the name suggests, the model MHT 1660 Presssione is also a pressure cooker. It offers more options of use, especially in the preparation of meat, goulashes, broths and soups. And it is all completely automatic. A tasting of freshly prepared delicious dishes such as baked potatoes or beef goulash has prompted great interest among the vendors and other professionals about this sophisticated and, we can claim without exaggeration, a breakthrough product that will change the way of cooking, saving the future users time and making their menu more varied. The customers were excited about tasting professionally prepared dishes and pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and relatively short cooking times.

Autumn traditionally involves the harvesting of apples and also the collection of wild forest mushrooms. Exactly for these seasonal products, a food dehydrator is great for preparation of a store of dried fruit or mushrooms for consumption in the winter months. The ECG food dehydrators, models SO 570 and SO 375 were also the products that our promoters showed at work. The visitors agreed with our promoters that buying a practical food dehydrator really pays off when tasting delicious, just dried apples. It was just the fruit dehydrator that was often bought in the time of Hausmesse.

ECG promo teams at autumn road show in Germany

And what would be a demonstration without the scent of grilled meat, sausages or vegetables. The ECG’s electric contact grills have been the admired heroes almost all the time, mainly thanks to the unmistakable scent of grilled pork medallions and steaks that have been wafting through the entire department store. The unquestionable advantage of these contact grills is that they can be used all year round, that means also after the garden grilling season ends. Just the possibility of a home-made barbecue in the kitchen in all weathers was one of the reasons customers bought it in German shops during Hausmesse so often. This was certainly helped by the ECG demonstration events supported by sale prices not only for the demonstrated products.

The success of our promotional teams at three selected stores was rewarded by customer interest and, in particular, by the sales success in all the German K + B Expert stores. It can be said that the event was successful for all – the customers, the stores and our promo team were satisfied.

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