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ECG Presentation in Slovakia

ECG Presentation in Slovakia

In autumn, the ECG brand is quite rich in events and actions abroad. After a successful roadshow in Germany, the ECG brand was presented to our other neighbors, this time in Slovakia. A conference of companies NAY and ELECTROWORLD took place in Bratislava on 9-10 October.

The majority of suppliers of the above mentioned retail chains introduced themselves at the unique premises of the Bratislava industrial zone. It should be noted that the NAY ELEKTRO retail chain is the largest in sales in Slovakia and its stores and department stores are at a high level. The event was designed exclusively for the internal staff of both companies; the event was attended in both days by approximately 900 people from the Bratislava NAY stores and from the Czech branches of ELECTROWORLD. Salespeople, store managers, buyers, product managers, other people from the headquarters, all of them visited the Refinery Gallery in Bratislava to get to know the new products and not only their range but also to learn the company strategy.

ECG Presentation in Slovakia

The ECG exhibition had its premiere among the brands that those chains sell. Only a selection of products was presented at the exhibition stand to illustrate the breadth and variety of the brand’s product line. Even so, the ECG stand enjoyed great attendance and interest from specialist staff from the stores. The main attraction of our stand was certainly the demonstration zone where our experienced promoters presented selected products. The visitors of the ECG exhibition could see the preparation of meat on contact grills, cooking in multifunctional pots, working with a milk frother or drying of fruit in a food dehydrator.

ECG Presentation in Slovakia

However, the greatest interest was aroused by the MHT 1660 Presssione multifunctional pressure pot, which is a brand new product in the portfolio of electric multipurpose pots, which offer a wide range of food preparation capabilities reaching professional results with minimal effort. The model MHT 1660 Presssione is also a pressure cooker. It offers more options of use, especially in the preparation of meat, goulashes, broths and soups. And it is all completely automatic. A tasting of freshly prepared delicious dishes such as baked potatoes or beef goulash has prompted great interest among the vendors and other professionals about this sophisticated and, we can claim without exaggeration, a breakthrough product that will change the way of cooking, saving the future users time and making their menu more varied.

The visitors were excited about tasting a professionally prepared meal and pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and a relatively short preparation time. The vast majority of professionals, who of course know the features and benefits of the current multifunctional pots on the market, were enthusiastic about the capabilities of this new and modern “Papin pot”. They questioned very often our promoters as well as the vendors at our stand in detail about food preparation and other detailed information about the product.

ECG Presentation in Slovakia

Another category of products on which concentrated the focus of the dealers were our electrical contact grills. The ECG electric contact grills, that is, the current models KG 200, KG 300, KG 400, have been admired all the time during the demonstration mainly thanks to the captivating scent of grilled meat and sausage that wafted among other exhibits. The professionals from stores appreciated the benefits of these contact grills, especially the possibility of separate regulation of the upper and lower grill areas, removable grill plates, positioning of the top plate, etc.

Both vendors and buyers have been actively interested in our other products and have often discussed with our experts specific products, which they found interesting and attractive for expansion of their product range. It is gratifying that not a few Czech and Slovak employees of the above mentioned retail stores were positively impressed by the products. The presentation was a success for the ECG brand team and a positive response to the products as well as to the presentation was such a great thank you for all those involved in the event.

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