Portable air conditioner


Portable air conditioner

  • Cooling power: 7000 BTU/h
  • Recommended room area: 12-15 m2
  • Temperature gauge: 16 - 30 °C
  • Cooler, dehumidifier and fan functions


Best solution for summer

Summer is a great thing, but too much of it is quite damaging and high temperatures for a long time are not exactly pleasant. Few people can indulge in luxury in the form of built-in air conditioning, which is why we have a more affordable solution for you. Reach for the ECG MK 94 portable air conditioner, thanks to which you can enjoy pleasant cooling even during tropical heat. On hot days, the cooler air will really refresh you after coming home from work. " In addition to the significantly lower price the portable air conditioning excels in the incomparably easier installation. As well, you don't have to make any building modifications to get it working.

Efficient cooling with portable air conditioning

The ECG portable air conditioning is designed for optimal cooling of space measuring 12-15 m2. You can easily cool a regularly large room with it. You will especially appreciate it in the bedroom, where you will fall asleep better much easier. If necessary, you can regulate the temperature, in the range of 17 to 30 °C. You can always easily set the one that suits you best. " In addition to the thoughtfully detailed design, the high cooling capacity is the basis for the excellent results of the air conditioning. It is up to 7000 BTU / h (2.05 kW).

As a bonus, a fan and dehumidifier

The use of the ECG MK 94 air conditioner is really extensive and it will also serve you as a fan or dehumidifier. In its role as a fan it offers two speeds. The dehumidifier, in turn, effectively dehumidifies your household. In one appliance, you get three great helpers at once.

You will master the control in a short while

The ECG MK 94 air conditioner’s functions also include a timer on or off. You can use it to set time when the appliance switches on or off. " Controlling the air conditioning is completely intuitive, so you'll master it in literally no time. The electronic control panel perfectly complements the LED display, which informs you about the current setting of the air conditioning unit. And if you do not want to get up from your easy chair, you can control it using the practical remote control.

Energy efficient operation

If you have been postponing the purchase of air conditioning so far only because you were afraid of too high operating costs, with the ECG MK 94 you can truly forget about your concerns. This device falls within the energy saving class A therefore its operation will not unnecessarily burden your wallet or your family budget.

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