Air conditioner

ECG MK 124

Air conditioner

  • Cooling power 12000 BTU/H
  • Recommended room area 18 - 25 m2
  • Temperature gauge 16 - 30 °C
  • Air flow 400 m3/h

Cool air even during a steamy summer

You can have a pleasant coolness at home even in the tropical days of summer! Air conditioning is no longer a privilege of hotels, but is also widely available to ordinary households. ECG MK 124 offers a cooling capacity of up to 12 000 Btu/h. It pleasantly cools the air in a room measuring 18 up to 25 m2.

Portable air conditioning

Mobile air conditioning ECG MK 124 stands out with its compact dimensions. Thanks to its wheels, you can move it from one place to another without much effort. You will always get the desired coolness.

The installation of the appliance is very easy. The package also includes a window set for mobile air conditioning, which prevents heat from entering the room along the pipe.

Exactly the temperature you require

On some days you just need to stir the air slightly, on others you need substantial cooling. You will find use for the ECG MK 124 air conditioning in every situation. You can set the temperature from 16 to 30 °C
You can select from 3 modes (cooling, ventilation, dehumidification). The dehumidifying capacity is 1 l/h. Would you welcome a pleasant coolness right after coming home from work? Use the timer.

Comfortable controls

You can set everything using the control panel with LED display. The panel is located on the top of the air conditioner, so it is easily accessible.

You can start the air conditioning from your sofa using the remote controller. When you do not need the controller, place it in the space provided on the appliance. There is no need to search for it all over the apartment.

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