Mobile Air Cooler

ECG ACR 5570

Mobile Air Cooler

  • 4-in-1: Summer Fan / Air Humidifier / Air Cooler / Ionization function
  • 3 Speeds: Low / Medium / High
  • Vertical & Horizontal
  • Dual air filtration

Perfect cooling and something more

Even during hot summer days and nights, you can cool off pleasantly. Air conditioning is a costly affair and classic fans are too noisy and their effect is only momentary. An ideal compromise is a mobile air cooler ECG ACR 5570, which will supply the work of 4 devices. The fan, humidifier, cooler and ionizer are hidden in one device, all at a very reasonable price.

In addition, you will appreciate the memory function of the last setting. You do not have to reset your multifunctional helper.

Classic fan

The most used device in the summer in Czech households is undoubtedly the fan. In the case of the ECG ACR 5570, this is only one of the four functions. However, this does not mean that the fan is less efficient, on the contrary. It handles vertical and horizontal oscillations. You can set 3 speeds of the airflow as needed – low, medium or high.

Humidification and cooling

Thanks to the extra-large water tank with a usable capacity of 5.5 litres, you can try out the humidification and cooling functions. Do you have an irritating dry air at home and the containers with water on the radiators do not help you? Try the humidifying function. If you have enough of it, just turn it off at any time.

Are you hot in the summer and can't sleep? In this case the cooling is ideal. Unlike a conventional fan, which only swirls the air, the cooler literally cools the air with the appropriate cooling medium. In the case of the ECG ACR 5570, water, ice water or cooling pads can be used.

Use the adjustable front grille SWING for even air distribution.

Safe equipment

The manufacturer really thought about everything. The device is equipped with a tank water level indicator. The system of automatic shutoff of the cooling and humidifying when the tank is empty is a bonus. An overheating protection is also a matter of course.

Another specialty of this model is the Timer. You can set how long the device should switch off according to your own preferences. You can choose from 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours.

Invaluable ionizer

Another great function of the device is the automatic ionization function. But what is the purpose of this? Negatively charged particles bind to positively charged harmful particles, such as various impurities in the air. At home, it is, for example, dust, pollen and other dirt. By attaching negative particles to harmful positive ones, clusters are formed that fall to the ground and you do not breathe them in. Then all you have to do is to vacuum and you have your house perfectly clean. ECG ACR 5570 is equipped with dual filtration. Moreover, the dust filter is removable and easy to wash. The device warns you to clean the filter after 100 hours of operation by means of a light signal.

Made for your comfort

For some domestic helpers, it is often not obvious at first glance whether they are turned on. This is not the case with the ECG ACR 5570. The device is equipped with practical LED operation indicator.

Do you want to cool off but don't want to get out of bed? Doesn’t matter. The manufacturer has equipped the device with remote control for your maximum comfort. You can set the desired function directly while TV watching without getting up from the couch. The ACR 5570 also includes an integrated compartment in which you can store the remote control when not in use. Then you don't have to look where you put it.

The device is perfectly mobile. Thanks to the handle and 4 wheels with a brake mechanism, it can be very easily handled and moved from place to place exactly as you need. In addition, the 90 cm long power cord allows you to place the device at a sufficient distance from the power supply.