Kitchen robot


ECG FORZA 7800 Ultimo Argento

Kitchen robot

  • A powerful food processor for a large family
  • Extra large mixing bowl (8 l) made of SUS 304 stainless steel
  • High-performance motor with 1800 W power
  • Large whisks that reach the bottom of the bowl when kneading
  • Touch control panel with clear LED display

A robot for advanced chefs

Allow us to introduce you to the flagship of our kitchen robots. It is called ECG FORZA 7800 Ultimo and it will excite you in many ways. You can easily and quickly knead dough, mix cake cream and even grind meat with it. You can use also many practical accessories with it, which make the robot a truly versatile helper.

The advantages of our premium kitchen robot also include an extra-large mixing bowl (volume 8 l), simple controls and last but not least, trouble-free operation. This is taken care of by high quality all-metal gears together with powerful motor made of pure copper.

Precise combination of ingredients

We made the bowl of the ECG kitchen robot from high-quality stainless-steel class SUS 304 and then added a transparent removable cover with feeding tube. Using it, you can gradually add individual ingredients when making your favourite dishes – their thorough mixing is then ensured by whisks, which thanks to their length, reach the bottom of the bowl, thus eliminating unwanted dead spots during kneading and mixing.

In addition, the robot works with a unique planetary rotation system, during which the attachments rotate around their own axes and around the gearbox axis. The combining of ingredients thus becomes flawless.

Everything in the kitchen is under your control

Whether you're preparing a traditional Sunday dessert, grinding beef, or preparing homemade pasta, with the premium ECG FORZA 7800 Ultimo robot you have everything going on in the kitchen under control. You can handle its operation easily, thanks to the touch control panel with clear LED display and you also have available a large rotary switch, with which you can easily regulate speed – the robot offers 6 speeds and also a special pulse mode.

The timer function is also very practical, since you can set with it the exact time for which your kitchen robot should work. When, for example, you are making whipping cream, you don't have to worry about over-whipping it, so to speak, by preparing it for too long - you simply set the optimal whipping time and you can count on a perfect result.

Ready for your gastronomic arts

The ECG food processor will help you with many different recipes. We have also included a diverse collection of practical accessories that extend its functionality even further. You can use kneading hook for dough, whipping whisk, stainless steel whisk or rubber whisk with a spatula to mix creams. You will also find in the basic package a meat grinder with 3 replaceable discs (for different grinding coarseness), drum grater with 3 replaceable stainless-steel attachments or a powerful mixer with 1.5 l glass jar. Last but not least, you have also available a special cookie or shortbread cutter, 6 replaceable plates for shaping pasta and practical tamper with space for storing small accessories.

If you are among the fans of Italian cuisine, you will certainly be pleased with the option of purchasing a special pasta maker (Pasta Maker).

Safety first

All gastronomic activities that you undertake with the ECG FORZA 7800 Ultimo kitchen robot will be carried out in the spirit of safe operation. The appliance is equipped with a top PCB processor, which ensures a slow start of rotations and their subsequent stability. Its robust aluminium body together with anti-slip feet and suction cups eliminates vibrations and shocks. A trouble-free operation is guaranteed by gearbox covers, lifting mechanism with safety switch or special mechanisms preventing an accidental start when the appliance is open.

In addition, the motor of the robot is equipped with a thermal fuse protecting the appliance from an overload and possible damage.