Kitchen robot


ECG FORZA 6600 Metallo Scuro

Kitchen robot

  • Premium all-metal design
  • Round touch control panel with clear LED display
  • Large work bowl (6.5 l) made of SUS 304 stainless steel
  • High-performance motor with 1800 W power
  • Wide range of accessories in the basic package


Beautiful, versatile and reliable

You will fall in love with the ECG FORZA 6600 Metallo kitchen robot at first sight. We paid special attention to its all-metal design, which means that it is an appliance which would decorate any kitchen.

However, you will also appreciate its wide versatility, thanks to which it will help you in many different activities in the kitchen. You can use it to cut vegetables easily and quickly, grind meat and even make cookie dough. In any case, you can count on trouble-free operation, since the appliance has high quality all-metal gears and a powerful motor made of pure copper, which you can always rely on.

Large mixing bowl

One of the advantages of our kitchen robot is its mixing bowl with a practical, robust handle for easy handling. It boasts a large volume 6.5 liter, meaning that you can fit in a lot of ingredients at once.

In addition, the bowl also stands out with its top workmanship – we made it of high-quality stainless-steel class SUS 304. It has also a practical transparent removable cover with feeding tube.

Precise mixing and kneading

Whether you are making pancakes or you have set out to make Christmas cookies, the ECG FORZA 6600 Metallo food processor will help you create dough of perfect consistency. Just put the necessary ingredients in the bowl and leave the rest to it. The robot uses a unique planetary rotation system where its attachments rotate around their own axes and around the gearbox axis as well. Thus, all ingredients combine perfectly.

In addition, the appliance offers variable rotation control with smooth start and 10 speeds, so that you can adapt its operation exactly according to the recipe you are making. And on top of it, you can also use the special pulse mode.

Simple controls

Operating the ECG kitchen robot is a child’s play. The elegant round shaped touch control panel, which also includes a clear LED display will help you with it.

You will certainly appreciate the practical timer function, thanks to which you can set the exact operating time for the robot. When, for example, you are preparing whipped cream, you don't have to worry about over-whipping it, so to speak, by whipping it for too long - you simply set the optimal whipping time and you can count on a perfect result.

Many accessories at your service

So that you can rely on our food processor for many different culinary activities, you will receive a lot of practical accessories right away. You can use kneading hook for dough, whipping whisk, stainless steel whisk or rubber whisk with a spatula to mix creams. We also included a meat grinder with 3 replaceable discs (for grinding different types of meat) or a drum grater with 3 replaceable stainless-steel attachments.

If you are a fan of Italian cuisine, you will also be pleased with the option to purchase a special pasta maker (Pasta Maker).

Safe operation

The operation of the ECG FORZA 6600 Metallo food processor is always safe. The appliance is equipped with a top PCB processor, which ensures a slow start of rotations and their subsequent stability. Its robust aluminium body together with non-slip feet and suction cups eliminates vibrations and shocks. And a lifting mechanism with safety switch guarantees a trouble-free operation.

Using our kitchen robot thus brings out all the positives. It will brighten up your kitchen with its elegant design, make your work easier and open the door to advanced gastronomic experiences.