Kitchen robot


ECG FORZA 5500 Giorno Scuro

Kitchen robot

  • Large mixing bowl of 6.5 l volume
  • Reliable operation thanks to powerful motor (1500 W)
  • High quality all-metal gears
  • Touch control panel with clear LED display
  • Wide range of accessories (from a meat grinder to a cookie cutter)


A versatile helper for your kitchen

Is your kitchen a kingdom where you feel like a fish in water? Welcome the multifunctional kitchen robot ECG FORZA 5500 Giorno and take your culinary art a step further. Thanks to wide range of accessories this handy assistant will help you when kneading dough, grinding meat and even whipping cream. Whether you like to cook or prefer to bake, your work will go with it pretty smoothly.

The advantages of the robot include robust design, a large stainless steel mixing bowl (volume 6.5 l) and a reliable, powerful motor (1500 W). This is such an advanced appliance that every gastronomy lover must fall in love with it.

Superior craftsmanship

If you are one of those chefs whose equipment must always be perfect, our robot is here just for you. The ECG FORZA 5500 Giorno will certainly not disappoint you with its workmanship – the motor is made of pure copper, the gears are all-metal and the high quality is also guaranteed by its robust ABS plastic body, which eliminates unwanted vibrations.

Add to all this also the anti-slip feet with suction cups, which ensure stable position and you have an appliance which meets even the highest demands.

It mixes all the ingredients perfectly

Are you making a favourite dessert or other delicacy for your family? Put the ingredients for the dough into our robot and let it mix them without worry. Thanks to the planetary rotation, all the ingredients will combine perfectly. The attachments rotate around their own axes and in the same time around the gearbox axis.

In addition, the robot offers variable rotation control with smooth start and 6 speeds, so you can adapt its operation exactly according to the recipe you are making. And on top of it, you can also use the special pulse mode.

Easy operation

Absolutely everyone can easily handle the controls of our food processor. It is conveniently controlled using practical rotary speed selector. To set other functions, e.g. a mixing time, an intuitive touch panel is used, complemented by a clear LED display.

The timer function is also practical here thanks to which you can set the exact operating time for the robot. When, for example, you are preparing whipped cream, you don't have to worry about over-whipping it, so to speak, by whipping it for too long - you simply set the optimal whipping time and you're done in no time.

Kneading, whipping, grinding, mixing…

The ECG FORZA 5500 Giorno food processor will help you with many different activities. Its range of accessories is really impressive. Judge for yourself: you can use the mixing dough kneading hook, whisk and also stainless-steel whipping whisk. You have also available a meat grinder with 3 replaceable discs to grind different types of meat, drum grater or a special cookie or shortbread cutter. And of course we cannot leave out a classical mixer with high quality stainless steel blades and glass jar (volume 1.5 l).

If you like Italian cuisine, you will certainly appreciate the option of purchasing a special pasta maker (Pasta Maker).