Smart LED TV


ECG 55USL231

Smart LED TV

  • Large diagonal size of 139 cm (55″)
  • Stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • HDR support as a guarantee of perfect contrast
  • Internet connection (Wi-Fi/LAN) and smart Linux operating system
  • Many great applications (Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video...)



Get drawn into the action

Invite the ECG 55USL231 smart TV into your living room; with it comes amazing entertainment you won’t want to leave. Thanks to its large 139 cm (55 inches) diagonal size, this device draws you right into the action when watching movies. The 4K HDR will amaze you by breathtaking detail and perfectly tuned contrast. Because it offers a wide range of smart features, it makes sure you always find the audiovisual content you love, enjoy and want at the moment.

We’ve given the TV an attractive frameless design, so it's a highly elegant device that fits perfectly into modern interiors.

Experience 4K HDR quality

If you like a perfectly rendered picture when watching movies, TV series or live sports, this TV is the right thing for you. We’ve given it a cutting-edge 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840×2160 px) which works with four times more pixels than Full HD screens. As a result, you can admire even the smallest details.

To top it all off, the TV also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) and can work with both HDR10 and HLG formats. You can also enjoy perfectly balanced contrast which makes both dark and light parts of the scene perfectly clear on the screen.

Have fun smart

In addition to the possibility of watching classic TV programmes from terrestrial, cable and satellite (DVB-T2/C/S2 tuners) signals, the ECG 55USL231 opens the door to plenty of other audio-visual entertainment. It can be connected to the internet (via cable and LAN connector as well as wireless via Wi-Fi) and is equipped with a clear Linux operating system. This will offer you a range of modern smart features that suit every member of your family – there are plenty of popular applications, including YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

The mirroring function is very practical, allowing you to easily stream content from your smartphone or tablet to the TV screen.

High quality sound system

The ECG TV complements the nice picture of movies and series, football or hockey matches or the evening news with very decent sound.  The integrated 2×10 W speakers take care of it. With the handy equalizer with predefined programs, you can adjust the sound to the best possible experience of the program you are watching. Thanks to an optical audio output, you can connect external home cinema speakers to take your sound experience to the next level.

When you don’t want to disturb your surroundings while watching TV, you can also connect headphones to the device and listen to the sound in privacy.

Connection ready

In addition to the aforementioned optical audio output and headphone jack, the 55-inch ECG TV also offers 2 HDMI ports so you can easily connect a laptop, Blu-ray or DVD player, a game console or, thanks to the ARC technology, a soundbar. You’ll appreciate the fact that HDMI is represented by a modern 2.1 version which can easily handle high-definition, the HDR technology, as well as higher refresh rates.

The device’s connectors indeed include a USB interface, so you can also play your own media from a flash drive on the big screen. A variety of video, image and audio formats are supported.

Delighting small features

The ECG 55USL231 is also equipped with a number of small features that can make it easier to use in both normal and non-standard situations. The first category includes the channel list and the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) – a pair of functions that give you a perfect overview of your tuned channels and their current programme. More specific features include a parental lock (for better control over what your children are watching) and a basic hotel mode which you can use to copy the channel list to multiple TVs.

The elegant feet supplied with the TV allow it to be placed on a table or cabinet. If you prefer to hang it on the wall, however, you'll appreciate the holder mount set-up.