Smart LED TV



Smart LED TV

  • Smaller diagonal size of 60 cm (24″)
  • HD resolution, HDR support and the Progressive Scan technology for perfect picture
  • Can be used in a caravan or on a boat thanks to 12V power supply support
  • Wi-Fi connection and smart Linux operating system
  • Many great applications (Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video...)


Serves at the cottage and in the caravan

Smaller prefab bedroom, weekend cottage or student dorm. As well as a motor home, a boat or a caravan. The ECG 24HSL231M smart TV can be used at all of the above places. With a diagonal size of 60 cm (24 inches) and the possibility of hanging it on the wall, it is perfectly suited for smaller interiors and offers an extra advantage – it can be powered from a regular socket (220 V) as well as from the car adapter socket (12 V). The scope of this attractive TV is thus extremely wide. Wherever you place it, you’re in for great audio-visual entertainment, with HD picture quality and a number of smart features made available through the Linux operating system.

The dimensions of this compact TV are 553 × 365 × 135 mm (including the stand) and 553 × 334 × 63 mm (excluding the stand). Adapters for 220V and 12V power supply are included.

Sharp details on a smaller screen

The 24-inch screen of our compact TV always gives you a quality display you won’t want to take your eyes off. It works with HD resolution (1366 × 768 px) and supports high dynamic range (HDR10, HLG), which guarantees perfect contrast in both dark and light parts of the scene.

To top it all off, this car TV enhances the sharpness of the visual presentation by the Progressive Scan technology. Thanks to this improvement, the image is not displayed interlaced (in half-frames), but always straight through and feels more fluent.

Have fun smart

In addition to the possibility of watching classic TV programmes from terrestrial, cable and satellite (DVB-T2/C/S2 tuners) signals, the ECG 24HSL231M opens the door to plenty of other entertainment on the internet. This is because it is one of the smart TVs with 12V connectivity which allows you to use a lot of modern smart applications and features. With the clear Linux operating system, you can quickly and easily access YouTube videos, Netflix series and a wide range of movies from the popular Amazon Prime Video streaming service.

The mirroring function is very practical, allowing you to easily project content from your smartphone or tablet to the TV screen.

High quality sound system

Whether you’re watching a movie, a live hockey game or the news, with ECG TV you can always count on a high-quality picture, as well as a very good sound. This is taken care of by the audio system with 2×2.5 W speakers, and you can fine-tune the sound with predefined equalizer scenes to suit the type of programme you're watching.

If you don’t want to disturb your surroundings while watching TV, you can also connect headphones to the device and listen to the sound in privacy.

Ready to connect

In addition to the aforementioned headphone output, our caravan TV also offers 2 HDMI ports so you can easily connect a laptop, Blu-ray or DVD player, a game console or, thanks to the ARC feature, a soundbar. As the device’s connector includes the USB interface, you can also play your own media from portable flash drives – many video, audio and image formats are supported.

Parental lock and hotel mode

The ECG 24HSL231M car socket TV is also equipped with a number of small features that can make it easier to use in both normal and non-standard situations. The first category includes the channel list and the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) – a pair of functions that give you a perfect overview of your tuned channels and their current programme. More specific features include a parental lock (for better control over what your children are watching) and a basic hotel mode which you can use to copy the channel list to multiple TVs.