Smart LED TV

ECG 24 HS02T2S2

Smart LED TV

  • Sharp HD picture on a smaller 24-inch panel
  • Applications of streaming services (incl. YouTube and Netflix)
  • Screencast function for mirroring the smartphone screen
  • HbbTV red button
  • Support of terrestrial broadcasting, cable and satellite


Smaller, but smart

Are you looking for a TV that would not take up much space in your interior, but at the same time offer modern smart functions? In that case, the ECG 24 HS02T2S2 is exactly the device for you. Despite its smaller size (24-inch diagonal, that is 61 cm), it can bring you audiovisual entertainment in many ways – besides classic TV broadcast it supports also internet services, including the popular streaming platforms, online archives and or perhaps weather forecasting applications.

Whether you're watching movies or having fun browsing the web for fun videos, you can always count on a sharp image. Our television works with the proven HD resolution (1366 × 768 px).

Enjoy web services

Once you connect your ECG Smart TV to the Internet, things start to happen. The pre-installed Linux operating system provides you with an access to popular streaming services, like Netflix, YouTube, YouTube Kids or Amazon Prime Video. It will also provide you with a classic web browser. And to top it all off, social networks applications Facebook and Twitter are added. As if in the palm of your hand, you have content exactly to your taste directly on the TV.

The Smart TV ECG equipment also includes support for hybrid broadcasting (HbbTV), i.e. the popular red button. With a single press, the door to the world of web content opens for you, in which you can watch older episodes of your favourite series at any time, or perhaps a broadcast of a sports match that you cannot find on regular broadcasts.

TV broadcast three different ways

Thanks to the triple tuner of the ECG 24 HS02T2S2 TV you can select where the digital broadcast signal that you watch in the comfort of your home should come from. The device supports both terrestrial broadcasting in modern DVB-T2 standard (with H.265/HEVC coding), and satellite (DVB-S2) and also cable box (DVB-C).

Mobile content on the big screen

Since our smart TV supports also the Screencast function you can easily mirror content from your smartphone or tablet onto its 24-inch screen. This way, for example, you can more conveniently show your family the vacation photos that you took with your mobile phone.

It is compatible with other devices

To connect other practical devices to your new TV set, the Smart TV ECG also offers 3 HDMI ports. Through this interface, you can connect the TV with a game console, a soundbar and even a laptop.

In addition, the connectors of our smart TV also include 2 USB inputs, which allow movies and other media to be played from portable flash drives.