Cyclone vacuum cleaner 2in1

ECG VT 6220 2in1 Power Flex

Cyclone vacuum cleaner 2in1

  • 2in1 design
  • Highly efficient 200 W BLDC motor
  • Wireless battery operation
  • Up to 30 minutes of operation on a single charge


Vacuuming without pulling the cord

The ECG VT 6220 2in1 Power Flex bagless stick vacuum cleaner makes the home cleaning a child’s play. It’s a flexible appliance, powered by a 22.2V lithium-ion batteryHEPA filter (H12), which catches even the smallest particles.

The charging time of this vacuum cleaner is approximately 4 hours. The appliance can last up to 28 or 15 minutes on a single charge (depending on the mode used).

Easy transformation of a stick vacuum cleaner into a hand-held one

This practical appliance is also equipped with a smaller detachable hand-held vacuum cleaner, which you will especially appreciate when cleaning small dirt - using it you can easily vacuum crumbs on the sofa, car interior or even a mess around the dining table. Again, you don't have to pull a cable behind you, so you can easily get where a normal vacuum cleaner wouldn't reach.

All necessary accessories

In order to clean with precision your home with the ECG VT 6220 2in1 Power Flex vacuum cleaner, your will also receive a whole range of practical accessories. The floor nozzle has replaceable brushes, you can choose between a brush for carpets or hard floors. The flexible joint of the stick vacuum cleaner ensures easy handling and access to less accessible areas. The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a mopping pad for wiping and a dust brush. After cleaning, simply park the vacuum cleaner anywhere or hang it on the wall, the power adapter has a sufficiently long cable.
You can use the following additions:

2 replaceable brushes (suitable for hard floors or carpets)
Flexi flexible nozzle
Mopping pad
Dusting brush