Stick vacuum cleaner 3in1


ECG VT 4420 3in1 Simon

Stick vacuum cleaner 3in1

  • 3in1 design (with hand vacuum and mop features)
  • Cyclonic filter system
  • Motorized rotary brush with LED lighting
  • Cordless
  • Up to 60 minutes run time per charge


Vacuums and Wipes

Looking to make housecleaning chores easier? We’ve got the solution: It’s called the ECG VT 4420 3in1 SIMON, a three-in-one stick vacuum cleaner. More than just a stick vacuum, it can be easily converted into a compact handheld vacuum, and also comes with a mop attachment. It vacuums floors, removes crumbs from tables and countertops, cleans car interiors, and wipes floors.

The removable mop attachment comes equipped with an integrated 200 ml (7 fl oz) water tank and a removable rag.

Convenient Cordless Cleaning

This vacuum cleaner is powered by a high-capacity Li-Ion battery, saving you the fuss of tripping over power cords and hunting for sockets in range. A full charge lasts for up to 40 minutes of operation.

A full recharge cycle takes about 4–4.5 hours.

High-Efficiency Bagless Filter

The ECG VT 4420 3in1 SIMON stick vacuum uses a high-efficiency cyclonic filter system, complemented by a washable nonwoven textile filter and a foam intake air filter. This is a bagless design with a removable dustbin that you simply empty when required.

Cyclonic filtering uses the vacuum’s air current to circulate collected dust and dirt, separating larger pieces from fine dust like a centrifuge. This obviates the need for a bag, and large objects such as earrings or Lego bricks are guaranteed to end up in the bin, instead of potentially damaging the filter or motor.

Made for Cleaning

ECG stick vacuums are engineered to please, with every component designed to make your chores easier and more effective. At the heart of the appliance is a high-power two-speed motor developing up to 75 W of power. The motorized rotary brush further improves cleaning performance. Rounding out the set are practical features for ease of use, such as LED illumination of the work area, quality rubberized castors, and a folding handle. Overheat protection ensures safe operation.

A variety of accessories are included: a 2in1 brush head, the motorized brush, a charger, and the mop attachment and rag.