Stick vacuum cleaner 3in1

ECG VT 4320 3in1 Multi Clean

Stick vacuum cleaner 3in1

  • Mop function for quick cleaning
  • Suitable for all types of surfaces
  • Vacuuming dry and wet dirt
  • Easy detachable handheld vacuum cleaner


Cleaning has never been so simple

Regular cleaning of your home may not be a nightmare if you have the right ally.
The ECG VT 4320 3in1 Multi Clean consist of not only an efficient vacuuming tool for all types of floors, but also of a practical small removable vacuum cleaner for cleaning small dirt and a mop unit with integrated water tank and textile cloth for comfortable mopping.

Practical mop function

Forget the tedious mopping using a rag that spreads dirt all over the floor instead of effective mopping.

For the wet variant of the floor maintenance of your home here is the practical mop attachment with a water tank and a textile pad for an effective cleaning of all hard surfaces of your house or apartment.

Hand-held vacuum cleaner for small jobs

The award worthy feature of the ECG VT 4320 3in1 Multi Clean stick vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly the option to remove the vacuum unit, which can be used as a hand-held vacuum thanks to a special design.

It can be reliably used for cleaning crumbs off the table or spilled flour, but you will also use it as an effective tool for maintaining upholstery on your sofa or dirty car seats.