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ECG unveils its new showroom!

ECG is a dynamically growing brand. This can be demonstrated by its modern showroom, the grand opening of which was held in June at the K + B Progres headquarters in Klíčany. The event was attended by company owners, middle management and senior management.

ECG continues to make progress in becoming a household name, not only to customers, but also to business partners. In doing so, it reinforces its position on the domestic market. The presentation of products alone is at a very high level. This paved the way to the June grand opening of the brand new showroom at K+B Progres headquarters.
All members of management, as well as the owners attended the event held 20 June 2017. Colleagues from our German headquarters in Cham also paid a visit. The meeting not only included a news about the ECG brand, but also information about upcoming products. Senior members of the ECG team also prepared excellent product demonstrations and confirmed that the portfolio is very colourful and has the potential to appeal to many users.
Countless products with exceptional features are on display at the showroom at headquarters in Klíčany. The modern and purpose-built presentation space is designed especially for our business partners, buyers, product managers and sales representatives. It holds par with the showrooms of large global brands with its concept, equipment and layout. The assortment of products, our business partners can find here, is truly wide. They can see the full line of products including kettles, radio alarm clocks, microwave ovens, bread makers and the ever so popular multi-functional pots. Also on display are selected products from the “large white” line, which includes dishwashers, cooking hobs, or smaller refrigerators and minibars. Each business partner can visit and acquaint themselves with our line of products. Members of the ECG team will answer any product-related questions and demonstrate how the products function.

The new showroom is the perfect place for meetings and product training sessions. The visionary concept was fulfilled all the way down to the smallest detail. The result is a worthy area for displaying products and acquainting people with the full line of products the growing ECG brand has to offer.

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