Meat grinder


ECG MG 1310 Simply

Meat grinder

  • Suitable for grinding various types of meat and making sausages
  • Grinding blade and hole plates made of durable steel
  • Metal gears
  • Max. motor power: 1340 W

For meat connoisseurs

Do you prefer home made products from scratch? Do you want to make your own sausages or grind meat so that you know exactly what it contains and that it contains 100% meat and no other substitutes? If that’s the case, purchase an efficient and high-quality meat grinder.

An excellent choice is the electric meat grinder ECG MG 1310 Simply, with which preparation of any meat product will be just a child’s play. Thanks to the powerful 1340 W motor, you will have minced meat in a moment, completely effortlessly. And there is almost no cleaning; the maintenance of the device is really very easy.

Home made steak tartare in a moment

The excellent results of the ECG MG 1310 Simply grinder are also due to the high quality self-sharpening blade, grinding knife and hole plates, made of durable steel. You have 3 interchangeable grinding hole plates available – fine (3 mm), medium (5 mm) and coarse (8 mm). The grinder is ideal for grinding different types of meat or you can combine types according to your preferences. No store bought tartare will be up to 100 % as your own, home made one from your chosen beef.

The durability and long service life of the filling hopper, the inlet funnel, hole plates and the screw conveyor shaft are ensured by the material used. It is a solid aluminium alloy, thanks to which you can be sure that these components will serve you for a really long time.

In addition, you can use 2 speed settings when using it. A pleasant bonus is the REVERSE function.

You will enjoy the above standard accessories

After unpacking, you will find that you can really do anything with the grinder. In addition to the device itself you will find a whole range of practical accessories in the package. The accessories include a tamper, screw conveyor, blades, 3 types of plates, machine with a funnel, a fixing screw, a sausage attachment, a kebbe attachment and a separator.

For comfortable use, the grinder is equipped with practical anti-slip feet, so it doesn't move during operation. The equipment also includes a safety protection against overheating. A 0.8 m long power cord ensures sufficient freedom of use.

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