Drip-brew coffee machine


ECG KP 2125 Supreme

Drip-brew coffee machine

  • It makes up to 12 cups at a time
  • Clear control panel with LCD display
  • Practical keeping warm function
  • Elegant glass carafe with 1.5 l
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the washable filter

Start your day with an excellent coffee

Get for your kitchen the elegant ECG KP 2125 Supreme drip coffee machine and start every new day with a cup of your favourite beverage. This wonderful coffee machine with a glass carafe can prepare for you up to 12 cups of coffee (or tea) at one time and that means it would easily serve your family and a large number of visitors.

Thanks to its great design the drip coffee machine will fit into any interior. You will surely appreciate its ease of handling and last but not least a problem free maintenance.

Serving all your favourite people

The ECG KP 2125 Supreme drip coffee machine is equipped with a water tank with capacity of 1.5 litre. Thanks to this fact, you can prepare up to 12 cups of excellent coffee at one time, therefore you can serve coffee even to a large number of visitors without any problem. You can use the practical keeping warm function thanks to which the coffee stays at optimal temperature as long as necessary.

The Anti Drip system belongs to the drip coffee machine equipment. This is a handy feature that consists in automatically stopping the drip when removing the carafe from the hot plate. When you are simply pouring a cup of coffee, the dripping is paused so that your favorite beverage is not wasted.

Easy operation using buttons and display

Operating the ECG drip coffee machine is easy and hassle-free in all circumstances. This kitchen helper includes an intuitive control panel, composed of several simple buttons and a clear LCD display. You will find 6 function buttons on the coffee machine. Among other things, there are buttons for setting a higher coffee intensity, activating a delayed start or selecting the time when the coffee dripping should take place.

In addition, the user friendliness of our drip coffee machine is underlined with its anti-slip feet. You have also a water level indicator available. And last but not least, you will find practical elements even on the glass carafe – it is equipped with heat insulated handle and closable lid. The overheating protection ensures safe use of the coffee machine.

Safe use and easy maintenance

To make the use of the drip coffee machine entirely safe, the ECG KP 2125 Supreme has built-in protection against overheating. The maintenance of the drip coffee machine is a child’s play thanks to its permanent nylon filter, which you can remove and wash at any time.

Included in the package is a coffee measuring scoop. You can start preparing your favourite aromatic drink almost as soon as you unpack this appliance and plug it in.

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