Drip-brew coffee machine


ECG KP 2116 Easy

Drip-brew coffee machine

  • Up to 10 cups of excellent coffee per one fill
  • Practical keeping warm function
  • When the carafe is removed, the dripping pauses automatically
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the washable filter
  • Elegant design with glass carafe


It will make your day more pleasant with coffee

Entering a new day is much more enjoyable with a cup of good coffee. That is why there is ECG KP 2116 Easy – a drip coffee machine, created to make your everyday morning and relaxing with family and friends very pleasant.

Using this drip coffee machine is extremely easy. All you have to do is fill the tank with water, pour ground coffee (or loose tea) into the upper coffee filter using the measuring scoop provided, and finally press the switch. Then you favourite beverage starts dripping into the glass carafe from where you can pour it in your favourite cup.

It will provide for numerous visitors

Thanks to the water tank with a capacity of 1.25 litre you can prepare with the elegant drip coffee machine up to 10 cups of excellent coffee. However, you do not have to drink it all at once. The coffee machine offers a practical keeping warm function, so the coffee is ready to be served as long as you need.

When you pour a cup of coffee (remove the carafe from the warming plate) the dripping process pauses automatically. Not a drop of your favorite beverage will be wasted.

Easy and safe to use

Everyone can easily handle the ECG KP 2116 Easy drip coffee machine. A clear water level indicator, heat insulated handle, carafe and a switch with nicely clear LED indicator contributes to this fact. In addition, the permanent coffee filter is washable, which makes the maintenance of the appliance a child’s play.

However, using our coffee machine is not only easy, but also completely safe. The machine is equipped with special protective elements, which protect it against dangerous overheating. It has also anti-slip feet, thanks to which it keeps its stability under all circumstances. And to top it off, its carafe is equipped with practical closable lid, preventing it from unnecessary spillage.

Decoration of you kitchen

The ECG KP 2116 Easy drip coffee machine will delight you with its elegant design combining black finish with the glass design of the carafe. By purchasing this nice appliance, you will also get a tasteful decoration for your kitchen.

Get our affordable drip coffee machine and enjoy a cup of excellent coffee whenever you feel like it.

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