Fan with fog generator


ECG Mr.Fanboy

Fan with fog generator

  • The fan and fog generator work independently
  • 12 speeds
  • Very quiet operation
  • Robust and stable construction

It can stir and humidify the air

Do you want to have a more pleasant atmosphere at home or in the office? Then ECG is Mr. Fanboy device just for you. This is because it is a floor fan, which is also equipped with an independent fog generator. It can thus not only stir up the surrounding air, but also moisten it. At the same time, both functions can work independently, so you can improve the atmosphere exactly as needed at that moment. The fan will also please you with its compact design, thanks to which it can also serve well in smaller interiors. It is easy to handle thanks to the integrated handle and four double wheels.

2 in 1 design

Fan functions and water mist spraying are completely independent. You can stir the stagnant air in the room in a welcome way and at the same time humidify it at any time for better breathing. To spray the mist, the device uses a water pump, ultrasonic technology and, of course, water - it is filled in a removable tank (with a practical level indicator) with a volume of 1.5 liters, which is enough for up to 26 hours of humidification. At the same time, the device will automatically warn you about the lack of water in the tank. The fan then ensures 360° air circulation, has a propeller with a diameter of 20.5 cm and offers a total of 12 rotation speeds.

Simple control

Ventilator and air humidifier ECG Mr. Fanboy you can operate without the slightest problem. The device is equipped with a clear LED display and a touch control panel. To top it all off, you also get a practical remote control. For both functions that this device offers (ventilation, humidification), you can also use a timer that ensures automatic shutdown after a selected time (up to 9 hours).

Reliable and quiet operation

ECG Mr. Fanboy is powered by a high-quality DC motor, which is a guarantee of reliable operation. In addition, you will definitely appreciate the quiet operation of the device, thanks to which the fan does not unnecessarily disturb you during any activity. The rated power of this humidifier fan is 42W and its rated voltage is standard 220-240V (50-60Hz).