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Here comes a brand new generation of microwave heating

Inverter microwave with grill MTD 2531 GISB comes with a brand new generation of microwave heating.

Compared to traditional microwave inverter oven heats food gently, food is then juicier and does not lose original taste.

Wave fl ow occurs from the bottom, food is heated similarly as in a pot on a traditional stove. It eliminates the main drawback of microwaves, i.e. unevenly heated food. Food heated in an inverter oven is not dry at the top and cold at the bottom as is the customary with traditional microwave. We can achieve even better results
when we use a common cover over the plate.

Designed without the traditional turntable. No threat of glass turntable breaking in case of ishandling containers. Flat surface of inner space guarantees better manipulation when placing and removing plates. Inverter oven  MTD 2531 GISB is equipped with deodorization function. This handy function will provide thorough elimination of odours, which form in the oven when released from heated food. You can therefore heat even aromatic foods without risking undesired odours in other heated foods.

This model of advanced microwave also offers a sterilization mode. This function provides effective liquidation of bacteria in the interior oven space. Microscopic food leftovers may be the pathogens to produce undesired and dangerous bacteria. Sterilization function gets rid of possible bacteria or pathogens from the interior space of microwave oven and you their deposits and you can use it without worry and risk.


Basic benefits and differences compared to traditional microwave oven?

  • Food is heated evenly and there is no drying up.
  • Preservation of taste, nutritional values and vitamins in heated food is a strong benefit.
  • Designed without the traditional glass turntable.
  • Easy cleaning due to flat surfaces of interior space. Antibacterial ceramic and stainless steel interior surface.
  • Inverter microwave compared to traditional microwave has lower consumption and higher efficiency. Efficiency level with same power is 162 % compared to traditional microwave oven.


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