Multifunctional trimmer

ECG ZS 2620 Magnetic

Multifunctional trimmer

  • Multifunctional rechargeable trimmer
  • 2 interchangeable heads and 6 attachments
  • Wireless use for greater mobility and convenience
  • Washable, waterproof - IPX5

For every man

You will get the perfect look using one single device substituting several other helpers. Reach for the multifunctional men's trimming set for beard care, hair and body hair care. Introducing the ECG GRS 2620 Magnetic multi-purpose set, which will help you to achieve a perfect appearance.

There are 2 different heads available for professional styling. Cutting length can be set to 0.1–16 mm. The cutting width is in the range from 0.8–40.88 mm. The width of the detailing trimmer is 3.5 mm. In addition, the trimmer has blades made of high-quality steel and double edge. You can use the trimming extensions for literally any cutting length. Any user will be able to make a selection from6 attachments.

It has truly above-standard equipment

The great advantage is that the machine is washable, because it has an IPX5 covering. The USB cable with magnetic connector ensures easy recharging. The 500 mAh battery charges only for 2 hours signalled by practical LED charging indicator. One charge lasts 60 minutes of operation. Cable-free use ensures enough freedom, and you can literally fix your appearance anywhere.

Why is the ECG set so great? In addition to the type T trimmer, it also contains a large number of accessories. We can list 6 attachments, a strong and very durable travel case, comb, oil, cleaning brush, USB charging cable and 5 V DC adapter.