Floor vacuum cleaner

ECG VP S5020 Animal Comfort

Floor vacuum cleaner

  • For perfect vacuuming of any surface
  • Highly efficient 800 W motor
  • Bag volume: 2.5 l
  • HEPA filter class: EPA E10


Dust free cleanliness

You can say goodbye to dust, to all this animal hair and other dirt when using the ECG VP S5020 Animal Comfort floor vacuum cleaner. It is a reliable home appliance and with its help you can clean your entire home. Thanks to maximum power level of 800 W and suction performance of 180 W, the vacuum cleaner will handle all possible kinds of dirt, so that your carpets and other floor surfaces will shine with cleanliness. You and your family will have a pleasant feeling at home.

You will also appreciate its very quiet operation, thanks to which you don’t bother people around when cleaning – maximum noise level reaches 70 dB.

Comfortable work with a wide range of accessories

The ECG VP S5020 Animal Comfort vacuum cleaner also comes with a lot of practical accessories, thanks to which you can precisely clean every corner of your apartment. You can work with a practical telescopic nozzle, also with combined floor nozzle Wessel Werk or with special turbo pet brush. An efficient HEPA filter (HEPA E10) is a matter of course; it can catch even the tinies dirt particles (dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, mite droppings, moulds...).

Working range of the vacuum cleaner is sufficient 9 meters. Without having to constantly switch the appliance from one outlet to another, you have plenty of room to maneuver when cleaning with it.

You can also flexibly adjust the vacuum cleaner's performance when cleaning. The appliance also offers practical digital suction power control.