Bagless vacuum cleaner

ECG VP BS6115 Independent

Bagless vacuum cleaner

  • Bagless operations
  • Power regulation
  • HEPA filter
  • Dust container volume: 2.5 l


Vacuum cleaner in each household

You can use the bagless vacuum cleaner ECG VP BS6115 Independent at home or in the cottage. The vacuum cleaner works with modern technology of cyclone vacuuming. It therefore uses centrifugal force to separate the dirt, which acts on the dust and other dirt through the rotating air inside the vacuum cleaner. All dirt is then centrifuged into the collection container and the result is perfect cleanliness without an additional clutter.

Thanks to the large volume of the dust container (2.5 l) you do not have to empty it too often. The long power cable ensures a range up to 7.5 meters – you can easily get around all corners of the room without having to change electrical outlets.

You have the option of manual power control when needed. A light will alert you to a full dust container so that further vacuuming is effective again.

Simple handling

You can quickly stow away the vacuum cleaner when you are finished thanks to automatic rewind of the power cable inside the appliance. Storage itself is possible in two different parking positions. The wheels with a rubberized surface ensure easy movement around the room without smudges and prevent the body of the vacuum cleaner from overturning. The operation is not only easy, but safe as well. The built-in overheating fuse will allow you to vacuum for a longer time without worrying about overload.

HEPA filter as a guarantee of cleanliness

The ECG VP BS6120 Animal bagless vacuum cleaner uses a modern HEPA 10 filter (High Eficiency Particulate Arrestance), which ensures a truly perfect cleanliness at home. This is a special type of air filter that can remove particles with a size of 300 nanometers from the air, with an efficiency of at least 99.97%. Vacuuming will ensure a beautiful clean atmosphere at home, which is suitable even for allergy sufferers.