Hot air fan


ECG TV 3030 Heat R Black

Hot air fan

  • Easy and quick increase of room temperature
  • Smoothly adjustable thermostat
  • Option to choose between hot and warm air
  • Special air blowing mode without heating
  • Compact design and a practical carrying handle


Are you one of the lovers of summer who like to treat themselves to cozy warmth in the dead of winter? In that case, we would like to introduce to you the ECG TV 3030 Heat R hot air fan – a compact device with which you can easily and quickly warm up during cold days. Just plug the fan into the socket, put it in a suitable place and choose one of the two levels of power (warm or hot air – 1000/2000 W).

The fan has a smootly adjustable thermostat, so you can adjust its operation exactly as you need it. Its noise level is mere 50 dB, meaning that the device does not disturb you too much.

And – it cools you in the summer

Since the ECG fan offers also a special air blowing mode without heating, it can be of use to you in hot summer days as well. It can effectively stir up the air in the room, which also cools it pleasantly.

The integrated light indicator gives you information about the current operation of the device. The built-in protection against overheating takes care of the safety of the operation.

Perfect mobility

Is there going to be bitterly cold at night? Place the hot air fan in the bedroom and treat yourself to undisturbed sleep. Do you need to warm up a little the children's room? Bring the device there. ECG TV 3030 Heat R is a freestanding device you can put almost anywhere. Its trouble-free mobility is supported by the practical carrying handle.