ECG ST 4767 Timber


  • Original stainless steel design with wooden elements
  • 4 toast compartments
  • 7 heating intensity levels
  • Practical defrosting and reheating functions
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the removable crumb drawer


A stylish toaster with 4 compartments

Do you believe that a hearty breakfast is the basis of a successful day? If so, the ECG ST 4767 Timber is the right kitchen helper for you. You can use it to prepare irresistibly crispy toasts for the whole family every morning. Whether you prefer them salty or sweet, you won’t go wrong with this toaster. You get a tool for preparing delicious delicacies, as well as a tasteful kitchen decoration – we have given this small appliance a stainless-steel finish, emphasising its attractive appearance with stylish wooden elements.

The toaster has four compartments that are wide enough to cook both thinner and thicker toasts. Its maintenance is very easy thanks to the removable crumb drawer.

Pastry to your taste

With the ECG designer toaster, you can prepare breakfast, snack or dinner exactly to your liking every day. You can easily adjust the degree of browning using 7 heating intensity levels. Toasting is possible thanks to a special integrated grid. To top it all off, the toaster also offers practical defrosting and warming functions. The automatic centring technology ensures even browning in every case.

Once your pastry is ready, the toaster automatically ejects it and switches itself off.

Always safe operation

The ECG ST 4767 Timber toaster is safe to use at all times. To prevent unnecessary burns, we have provided it with thermally insulated walls and to keep it stable during operation, we have also equipped it with non-slip feet.

The supply cord of our toaster measures a sufficient 85 cm and there is a special space for storing it.

ECG Timber Series: the range for relaxed breakfasts

The ECG Timber Series is a range of products that combines style with practicality. It includes small kitchen appliances that will win your heart with their elaborate design and thoughtful functionality – they will help you prepare the breakfasts you love with the whole family today and every day.

In addition to this handy helper, the ECG Timber Series also includes a smaller toaster (with 2 toast compartments) and an electric kettle. All these appliances have a uniform design, so they can be beautifully combined in the kitchen. They are available in two colour options – stylish wooden elements are combined with either classic or black stainless steel. Choose a design that suits your style and build a breakfast set at home exactly according to your taste.