Electric kettle


ECG RK 550 Travel

Electric kettle

  • Ideal for making hot beverages on the road
  • Smaller volume 0.5 litre
  • High-quality stainless-steel finish
  • Simple operation and trouble-free maintenance
  • 2 travel cups included

You can treat yourself to tea or coffee even on the road

Going on vacation or taking a business trip? Then do not forget to take the ECG RK 550 Travel kettle with you – a compact appliance that can easily make your favourite hot beverages for you even in a hotel or a guesthouse. The kettle boasts a durable design and a smaller volume 0.5 litre, making it the ideal choice for travel.

In this model, the kettle is equipped with high-quality stainless-steel finish.

Easy use

Whether you like to drink tea or can't imagine a day without coffee, with our travel kettle you can prepare your favourite beverage in a short time. The kettle offers control using a button located on the handleauto shut-off function; therefore you can just turn it on and wait until the water boils. And because its heating element is skilfully hidden, you will also appreciate its simple maintenance.

You can also enjoy your favourite beverages with your colleague or partner on the trip from 2 travel cups, which are part of the basic package.

Safe operation

Making tea, coffee and other hot beverages is absolutely safe with the ECG travel kettle. The appliance works with standard voltage of 230 V (50/60 Hz) and it is protected by safety fuses against overheating and running on dry.

The kettle’s power consumption is 1000 W and it has also a practical operation light indicator. The power cable is built-in.