Electric kettle

ECG RK 1781 Glass

Electric kettle

  • Elegant stainless steel design in combination with tempered glass
  • Variable temperature setting 40–100 °C
  • Water temperature maintenance function
  • Volume 1.7 l

Large capacity and efficient kettle

Do you make herbal teas, do you have a baby at home, or do you just want a quality product that will last you for a long time? In that case, reach for the ECG RK 1781 Glass kettle, which will captivate you at first glance with its glass design.

The kettle has a respectable volume of 1.7 l and you can make with coffee or tea for a large number of visitors. In addition, thanks to the above-standard power input, which ranges from 1850 to 2200 W, the water will boil in a moment.

Adjustable temperature

The biggest advantage of the ECG kettle is the adjustable temperature to 40, 60, 70, 80 a 100 °C. Mothers with small children will definitely appreciate it. ECG RK 1781 Glass is also an irreplaceable helper for tea lovers. Making tea is a real alchemy and each kind requires a different temperature of water to prepare properly. Black and fruit tea is made with boiling water, but for green and white tea is ideal hot water with a maximum temperature of 80 °C.

Clear control panel

The dominant feature of the base is the clear, blue backlit control panel. Use the plus and minus buttons to select easily the desired temperature. The current temperature settings are indicated by the corresponding indicators. There are also buttons for switching on the kettle or for activating the temperature maintenance function.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is facilitated by a removable and washable limescale filter. Thanks to the hidden heating element it will be easier for you to clean the inside of the kettle. The combination of solid tempered glass with high-quality stainless steel fits perfectly into any modern kitchen and, thanks to the materials used, excels in longevity. In addition, you still can see of the water level inside.

The RK 1781 Glass is equipped with protection against overheating when switched on without water for safety reasons. The high quality STRIX central connector with lifetime functionality should certainly convince you of the quality and safety design of the kettle.