Milk frother

ECG NM 2255 Latte Art White

Milk frother

  • For preparation of hot / cold milk drinks, foam
  • 3 automatic operating modes
  • Heating capacity: 300 ml / for frothing 150 ml
  • Removable container for easy cleaning and washing

Cappuccino with cream foam in the comfort of home

Make a creamy cappuccino, the popular latte macchiato or modern flat white in the comfort of your own home. You can manage to do it in literally a moment thanks to magnetic milk frother ECG NM 2255 Latte Art and do not even have to go to a cafe.

The frother is a multifunctional helper for every family, because it can handle, in addition to the usual frothing of warm milk, also frothing cold milk. It has the CHOCCO function and can process even whole pieces of chocolate. The favorite treat will please sweet tooth of more than one child's. With the help of 2255 Latte Art, you can prepare various types of coffee drinks with milk and a whole range of mixed cold delicacies.

The ECG frother is equipped with 3 preset automatic modes, so you don't have to deal with any other settings. Just turn it on. The backlit buttons also serve as readiness indicators. You can use milk frothing with heating, which takes 150–290 seconds and is designed for up to 150 ml of liquid. Frothing of 150 ml of milk alone without heating takes just two minutes of your time. The last mode allows you to heat up to 300 ml of milk in 200–450 seconds. The ECG 2255 Latte Art frother can heat milk or foam to 65 °C ±5 °C. The ergonomic handle, which fits perfectly in the hand, makes it extremely easy to handle.