Portable electric coffee grinder


ECG KM 150 Minimo Black

Portable electric coffee grinder

  • Compact dimensions
  • Battery operation
  • Conical ceramic grinding stones
  • USB-C powered

Freshly ground coffee anytime, anywhere

Do you adore freshly ground coffee? ECG KM 150 Minimo will delight you with its taste and aroma not only at home, but also on the road. This portable electric coffee grinder is excellent with its smaller dimensions and battery operation, which means that it is very flexible – you can prepare your favourite beverage anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to the conical ceramic grind stones this coffee grinder grinds the coffee beans very meticulously. It brings results that will please even the most demanding coffee gourmets.

When travel smells of coffee

If you like to travel and are also a passionate lover of good coffee, the portable electric grinder ECG KM 150 Minimo should have its permanent place in your suitcase or backpack. It is practically made for travel.

Thanks to its smaller design it will not take up too much space in your luggage. It works on a built-in lithium-polymer battery (1250 mAh), so it will also serve you in places where electricity is not available. It also boasts very quiet operation (less than 65 dB), so you never disturb your surroundings.

The grinder is powered by a modern two-sided interface USB-C. Thanks to the practical fast charging technology you do not have to wait forever for supply of more energy – the grinder’s battery receives one hundred percent its power capacity within 1.5 hour.

It will grind the beans with meticulous care

Since the portable electric ECG grinder is equipped with ceramic conic shaped grindstones, it can grind the coffee beans really precisely. The above mentioned grindstones reduce temperature during the grinding process, preserving the natural coffee taste and aroma.

In order to be able to prepare exactly the coffee you love, our grinder also offers the option of setting the exact grinding coarseness – you can select from ultra fine to extra coarse coffee grind. The inlet hopper of the grinder can hold up to 30 g of coffee beans, the capacity of the ground coffee container is then up to 120 ml.

You can use the ground coffee, which our portable grinder will help you prepare, in classic coffee machines, which are used to prepare espresso, but also in percolators, in drip coffee machines or in French press pots.

Cleaning and maintenance? Child’s play!

You will also appreciate the easy maintenance of the ECG KM 150 Minimo portable electric grinder. The cleaning of this compact device is thanks to the removable parts problem free. The practical cleaning brush included in the basic package is a great help.

The coffee grinder also comes with a clear operating manual and also with a cable with USB-C connector, which you can use to charge the device.