Contact grill

ECG KG 2033 Duo Grill & Waffle

Contact grill

  • 4 working positions - for scalloping, grilling and BBQ
  • 2 independent thermostats
  • Reversible & Changeable non-stick grill plates
  • Additional set of waffle plates included in package


The aroma of grilled meat every day

You would also like to grill more often, but don't have a garden, terrace or just the weather isn't nice? Do you sometimes get a hankering for grilled delicacies even during the cold months? We have a solution for you. Get a contact grill and you can prepare your favourite delicacies whenever you like. The perfect choice is the ECG KG 2033 Duo Grill & Waffle with many options for every day use.

It will manage to do a lot

The ECG contact grill is perfectly adapted to the requirements of all users. You can set 4 working positions on it for grilling, contact and contactless baking and for open BBQ grilling. In addition to the double-sided plates with a profiled and smooth side, you will also find a set of 2 baking plates in the package, which are intended for the preparation of waffles.

Menu according to your taste

Double sided plates guarantee a truly multifunctional use of the grill. The profiled surface has a truly universal use and is suitable for preparing side dishes, vegetables or for baking tortillas or paninis. Lovers of juicy steaks or burgers will appreciate the smooth surface. You can also use it for cooking eggs or omelets.

Special waffle plates will allow you to make 4 pieces of the popular delicacy at the same time, which will especially appreciate the children.

Sufficiently large area

The floating mechanism provides easy adjustment of the setting of the distance between the top and bottom plates. Baking sandwiches, panini or meat of various sizes will really be a child’s play. The advantage of the ECG KG 2033 Duo Grill & Waffle is the possibility of full opening at a180° angle. You will get enough space for the so-called BBQ mode and you will suddenly manage to entertain all the visitors. The size of one grill area is 29 × 23 cm. The ECG contact grill is equipped with 2 independent thermostats for the top and bottom plate. You can then easily adjust the power with the help of an intuitive rotary control. The operating temperature ranges from 140 to 230 ° C. Each plate has its own, separate heating indicator light.

Very easy cleaning

Cleaning is made easy by the non-stick and washable surface of the boards, which means that they are clean shortly after using. The grill also includes a removable tray for excess fat. You can rinse is with warm water and a detergent.

When handling the grill, you will certainly appreciate the thermally insulated handles and the anti-opening lock. Thanks to the lock, the appliance can also be easily stored without it opening up unintentionally.